portraits of Jason + Misty and their littles | iowa city, ia family & children photographer

I just love this family!!
Super cute kids, awesome style, ready laughter, sweet interaction.

Last fall I got to do pictures of Amina, Analise + Riker--
which is still, hands down, one of my all-time favorite sessions.
These children are hilarious and beyond cute...think like little Gap model kids. :)

We had to reschedule their shoot due to a storm, but I was thrilled with the gorgeous golden hour evening we got,
and the location we used when we got to do these!
I had discovered the awesome cement tubes while doing my brother's senior pictures, 
and knew I had to do a family session in front of those at some point. 

So glad we were able to find another date and squeeze their session in even with my October craziness!
Thanks guys for being so sweet to work with, and for doing pictures on your birthday, Jason! 
I'm grateful for clients that tell you getting family photos done (even on your birthday!) is more important.

p.s. I'm kinda excited about my new pinterest button--eek!
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every family needs a photo like this, right?!
 photo IMG_0134.jpg
 photo IMG_0140.jpg  photo IMG_0162.jpg  photo IMG_0188.jpg  photo IMG_0192.jpg
little Pocahontas.
 photo IMG_0228.jpg
 photo IMG_0238.jpg
I could photograph her every day.
 photo IMG_0239.jpg
 photo IMG_0257.jpg  photo IMG_0260.jpg  photo IMG_0269.jpg  photo IMG_0281.jpg  photo IMG_0293.jpg  photo IMG_0308.jpg  photo IMG_0314.jpg  photo IMG_0329.jpg  photo IMG_0339.jpg  photo IMG_0349.jpg  photo IMG_0354.jpg  photo IMG_0361.jpg  photo IMG_0371.jpg  photo IMG_0394.jpg  photo IMG_0403.jpg  photo IMG_0417.jpg  photo IMG_0438.jpg  photo IMG_0457.jpg  photo IMG_0475.jpg  photo IMG_0481.jpg  photo IMG_0483.jpg  photo IMG_0498.jpg  photo IMG_0493.jpg  photo IMG_0500.jpg  photo IMG_0510.jpg  photo IMG_0520.jpg  photo IMG_0544.jpg  photo IMG_0546.jpg  photo IMG_0554.jpg  photo IMG_0558.jpg  photo IMG_0566.jpg  photo IMG_0569.jpg  photo IMG_0576.jpg photo IMG_0606.jpg
~H. Elise
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  1. what family wouldn't just adore these images? so good! the lighting + location are killer, along with your skillzzz. ;)

  2. Loved this!!! What a super cute family.

  3. So Hannah posts a new session and it's my favorite. And it's hard to imagine anything more beautiful. And THEN she posts a new one and it's even more amazing. Wow. Love how you bless others with your gift of photography, Hannah! Lovingggg those epic cement tubes/location, their clothing choices, the sunlight - yep, pretty much everything! Oh, and the design of your epic pin-it button. Can't forget that. =) Blessings, friend!

  4. Beautiful pics, Hannah! What kind of camera do you have? :)

  5. I loved this post, Hannah! :) I totally agree with Elizabeth. I love the fun colors and how you captured their personalities! You did such a good job. By the Way, good job on Chelsy's new blog design. :)


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