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ahhh, this session.

I met Marci at the beginning of this year at a craft night, 
and later my Mom commented that she reminded her of Mary Poppins..and I would have to agree.
She has an adorable laugh and smile that lights up her face--plus she is an artist!
[and a seriously talented one at that.]
I did pictures with a few of her girls, Lucy & Harper, back in the spring,
and had been looking forward to doing photos with the rest of her cute family!
Clients that turn into friends are such a blessing, and make my "work" that much more enjoyable.

Marci and I texted back and forth quite a bit about outfits, locations, props, etc.
and I about didn't want this session to happen because then all the fun planning would be over..ha! :)

But it did happen, and it was just amazing...we had perfect weather and everything fell into place.
Whenever clients are at ease and can naturally interact in front of my camera it makes such a difference!
So rewarding for me as the photographer to capture these moments and people.

I absolutely love these photos and couldn't be more thrilled to share them today.
 photo KULBARTZ-2.jpg
I'm obsessed with this amazing window light on the steps in their house.
 photo KULBARTZ-3.jpg
 photo KULBARTZ-4.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-5.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-6.jpg  photo 2.jpg
Marci, you are adorable.
one of my favorite frames..
 photo KULBARTZ-7.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-8.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-9.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-10.jpg
Lucy...who is now one of my newest piano students this fall!
 photo KULBARTZ-11.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-12.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-13.jpg
Harper...goodness, this child is beyond adorable and totally cracks me up--such personality!
and how cute is her hot air balloon top?!
 photo KULBARTZ-14.jpg
 photo KULBARTZ-15.jpg  photo 1.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-16.jpg
she is into Pippi Longstocking, so naturally these are her "pippi tails"...
 photo KULBARTZ-17.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-18.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-19.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-21.jpg
I wish you all could see the 25+ outtakes before I got this shot [below]...haha!
Nothing more satisfying than having to work to get a baby to trust you, bribe them with smarties,
and then try and get a genuine smile.
success achieved!!
 photo KULBARTZ-20.jpg
 photo KULBARTZ-22.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-23.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-24.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-25.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-26.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-27.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-28.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-30.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-31.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-29.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-32.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-33.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-34.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-35.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-36.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-37.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-38.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-39.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-40.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-41.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-42.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-43.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-44.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-45.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-46.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-47.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-48.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-49.jpg
 photo KULBARTZ-50.jpg
I love everything about this shot..
 photo KULBARTZ-51.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-52.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-53.jpg
attack the photographer! :)
 photo KULBARTZ-54.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-55.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-56.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-57.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-58.jpg
 photo KULBARTZ-59.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-60.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-61.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-62.jpg  photo KULBARTZ-63.jpg photo KULBARTZ-65.jpg
 photo KULBARTZ-66.jpg
~H. Elise
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  1. These are gorgeous.. what a beautiful family. Love this set. :)

  2. Dude, you killed it with this shoot! I absolutely love it!

  3. Hannah, these shots are absolutely fabulous!! The best I've seen of yours yet! How are you so good? Seriously! :)



  4. Mary poppins? That is the nicest thing anyone has said to me:) I love the pics. You are such a skilled photographer!!!!

  5. Great shots Hannah!!

    I saw this last week and thought of you and Chelsy: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=661598287208517&set=p.661598287208517&type=1&theater

    Have a great week!

  6. Wow Hannah you did such a good job! Beautiful shots!!

  7. Just when I think it couldn't get better you just keep on amazing me! What a lovely looking family. Love the candid (I think that's what there're called) shots.

  8. girl, these are SO good! One of my fav sessions of yours. :)

  9. wow. honestly, just wow. these are stunning Hannah! :)

  10. Hannah these are beautiful! What an adorable family.

  11. These are precious! And I LOVE Marci's dress - do you know where she got it??

    1. thanks Kathryn!! she actually borrowed it from a friend, and I think it was vintage--sorry!
      I love it too.

  12. Hannah!!! Goodness girl, I think this is my most favorite session you have ever done. Seriously... everything is just so perfect & sweet. Love ALL of them!!!

  13. These are so precious. Such a adorable family. <3

  14. This family is absolutely adorable! And the pictures... like, perfectly done.

  15. Totes preshy my dear Hannah! I'm in awe of your incredible talent! -Lydia

  16. Love the authentic gorgeousness of these frames, girl! I think the second-to-last picture may be my favorite. =) Blessings!


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