April : instagrams!

I know -- I said I wasn't going to be doing these posts this year,
but I'm breaking the rules for April, haha. :)

It's been a good and full month...here are some of my favorite instas from my personal and photography account.

You can find me on there -- @hannahelisephotography -- if you'd like to follow along!!

Let's start with something sweet, shall we?
Oh man, enough said.
One of my friends told me you can buy 2 lb. bags of these at Sam's Club,
and I don't have a membership there but I may just get one for that reason alone. :)
 photo IMG_20140407_115634.jpg 
My sweet friend Alisa had a senior recital at the beginning of February,
and it was such a joy to play with her and photograph the event!
We've been doing duets for years.
 photo IMG_20140405_132703.jpg 
Unexpected chai tea and Lindt chocolate from a friend will make your day, every time.
Trust me.
 photo IMG_20140424_163226.jpg 
My older brother Erich, who lives in TN was home for a few days,
and I had so much fun thrifting and going to Chipotle with him.
 photo IMG_20140418_140451.jpg 
This is my bestie, Amanda, and she is a total gem.
Love that girl to pieces, and time spent with her is time well spent, people.
 photo IMG_20140422_111419.jpg 
Can we all have a moment of silence for cereal..yes, so much win.
 photo IMG_20140426_174803.jpg 
This is my new friend Kayla..and she's completely awesome.
We obviously rock the dollar section easter bins. :) :)
 photo IMG_20140413_194728.jpg 
I went to a backyard party last weekend..and it was absolutely gorgeous after a rainy week.
Plus unexpectedly seeing some friends made it that much better!
 photo IMG_20140426_164806.jpg 
Nothing like getting a cupcake...in the mail.
Rachel and sisters, y'all bless me every time. :)
#southernattempt #learnthelingo
 photo IMG_20140403_165837.jpg 
My younger brother, Gunther, did a senior recital right before Easter...and totally killed it.
Such a fun day watching him perform and playing music as a family.
 photo IMG_20140419_203041.jpg 
For Easter I bit the bullet and forked over $10 for my Leonardo ninja turtle loving brother, Otto.
His "OH thank you!" and "Hannah I love my easter basket" were day makers for sure.
 photo IMG_20140420_145850.jpg
What were your April highlights?!

I'll be back later this week with my May goals, so be sure to check back!

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  1. I love these, Hannah! Oh, and those 2 lb. bags of chocolates from Costco are the BEST. ;)

  2. Good job on your southern lingo! ;) Just remember when you find yourself down south it's "y'all" for 1-4 people and "all y'all" for 5 or more. ;] #gottalovethesouth Fun post, LOVE the quilt behind Amanda!

  3. these are so fun! ;) i love your instagram posts. :D

  4. Love your instagram pictures, Hannah! I'm pretty much in love with those pomegranate dark chocolate drops - sooo good. And chipotle. Can't forget chipotle. ;) Seeing the picture of Amanda made me miss you two even more! And love the idea of sending a cupcake in a jar - super creative. All right - thanks for sharing, friend! <3


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