resolutions for May : personal

Wahoo -- May is here!
 photo spring-5copy.jpg
I feel like my only resolution should be to survive this month, haha..gonna be intense.
Lots of sessions in the next few weeks, my brother is graduating so we have his open house/ceremony/company coming, 
among many other things.

Let's flash back and review how well I did (or didn't do) with April's goals..


write one letter each weekday. Made some progress with this..however I still have a mountain. Keeping this goal for May to hopefully knock things out more. :)

put in laundry, first thing in the morning. I won't claim to be wonder woman and say this happened every single day, because it definitely didn't -- but I was much more regular with it than I would have been without setting the goal. Small steps, right?!

get outside more. Bleh, so-so. Gotta love all the glorious rainy days staring out the window. :) When I was outside last month, I really enjoyed it though -- so that's a plus! 


30 minute e-mail domination each day.  Such a necessary habit as things get crazier!!

photograph several sessions!! Yahoo! Super stoked for my upcoming ones here in May.

blog 3x a week. Honestly, I kind of felt like I was re-living Blogtober..haha, a good stretch for me, though! With the May craziness, I'm not sure how much I will be blogging this month. I do however always post session previews on my facebook page, and have been instagram-ing a lot, so keep up with those social media fields to see what's new!!

Okay, May.


journal twice a week. I'm going to keep things simple, here..I can handle this twice a week. And I've missed journaling anyways. :) So good for your soul.

write one letter per weekday. As I said earlier, hopefully I can make more progress with this!

take time to breathe. Sometimes you just turn into a working robot and go from one thing to the next and don't stop, chill, and do something that relaxes you. Here's to a few calm moments this month, eh? :)


photograph sessions! I've got several families and other portrait sessions booked, and I want to be prepped well and organized before each one. Can't wait. 

1 hour work/e-mail session on weekdays. For an hour each day, I will shut off my phone (and wifi, if I'm not answering e-mails), so I can be more focused on my editing, etc.

play with the 35 mm 1.4 lens! Rented the canon 35 mm lens to play with..and couldn't be more excited!! I would, Lord willing, love to purchase this lens sometime here in 2014 and wanted to test it first. Just got it today and I love it. I primarily only shoot with my 50 mm, so the slightly wider angle, but still low aperture and creamy bokeh is insane. So obsessed guys...
 photo spring-2.jpg
 photo spring-1.jpg
that creamy green background -- yeah, I've missed it...so much.
 photo spring-6.jpg  photo spring-3.jpg
look! you can actually take a selfie with this lens and it doesn't chop off part of your head!! :P
 photo spring-7.jpg  photo spring-8.jpg  photo spring-4.jpg
Do you have any personal 'resolutions' for this month?! I'd love to hear in the comments!

~H. Elise
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  1. Hi Hannah Elise,
    I was wondering if you got my message. I asked you about where you live and if you are Chelsy Bontragger's cousin. Are you???? :) Do you like looking at other blogs? Can you look at mine? Can you leave a comment if you do please??? :)
    Can you respond to my questions at thelovedayteam@gmail.com ?
    Thank you so much. Love Hannah
    hannahlovedaysblog.blogspot.com This is my blog. :)

    1. okay, I'm going to answer part of this question for hannah just because I was commenting anyway and I like to be helpful like this. =)
      sadly hannah and I are not cousins by birth. by heart, we may be sistas. =)

  2. hey...since when did you get bangs? they are adorbs! love the new look!
    and your goals are inspiring as ever. wow. you go, girl!

    love you..

  3. That lens looks like magic!! So beautiful! :)


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