the Lindhart girls : iowa city, ia family & portrait photographer

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Oh man, this session.

Mary Sue had e-mailed me last year wanting to book a session with her girls,
and we picked a date for the month of April...which was a long ways away at that point!
Usually a scheduling conflict would come up with that much time in between,
but amazingly we both still had the weekend free and made this happen!

The more I heard about these wonderful people, the more excited I got before their shoot.
From their outfits (hello killer style!!) to their sweet personalities--they are gems.
I could tell just from following them on instagram how tight they all are,
and wow it is so beautiful to see.
Watching families that are honestly best friends, and adore each other just make your heart swell.
Plus anyone that loves shopping at Target and Francesca's are automatically kindred spirits. :)

Lindhart ladies, it was such a delight to get to know you while doing your pictures!!
Let's hang out again sometime, mmk? :)
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Rachel...her blog is one of my new favorites to read--seriously go check it out!!
Absolutely love her writing style..and umm, basically her style and taste for everything in general. ;)
 photo IMG_6533.jpg
 photo IMG_6555.jpg
Jenna, the youngest -- jeepers, so cute and sweet.
 photo IMG_6563.jpg  photo IMG_6571.jpg
and Michelle! 
Her smile and personality light up her face constantly, and I just love it. 
All these girls are so crazy gorgeous.
 photo IMG_6599.jpg  photo IMG_6607.jpg  photo IMG_6620.jpg  photo IMG_6623.jpg  photo IMG_6625.jpg  photo IMG_6634.jpg  photo IMG_6641.jpg  photo IMG_6652.jpg  photo IMG_6663.jpg  photo IMG_6670.jpg  photo IMG_6671.jpg  photo IMG_6720.jpg
their beautiful Mom!! 
Seriously, such a fun lady.
 photo IMG_6763.jpg  photo IMG_6780.jpg  photo IMG_6793.jpg  photo IMG_6802.jpg  photo IMG_6815.jpg  photo IMG_6819.jpg  photo IMG_6832.jpg  photo IMG_6837.jpg  photo IMG_6848.jpg  photo IMG_6852.jpg  photo IMG_6878.jpg  photo IMG_6890.jpg  photo IMG_6902.jpg  photo IMG_6924.jpg  photo IMG_6938.jpg  photo IMG_6942.jpg  photo IMG_6955.jpg  photo IMG_6983.jpg  photo IMG_7125.jpg  photo IMG_7127.jpg  photo IMG_7162.jpg  photo IMG_7158.jpg photo IMG_7145.jpg
 photo IMG_7139.jpg
 photo IMG_7033.jpg  photo IMG_7088.jpg  photo IMG_7097.jpg  photo IMG_7116.jpg  photo IMG_7039.jpg  photo IMG_7062.jpg  photo IMG_7075.jpg
~H. Elise
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  1. Beautiful pictures! The sister shots are probably my fave.! I LOVE #31! That angle you got is so neat! :)

  2. What sweet, beautiful ladies. I love this shoot a lot!

  3. You did an amazing job with these! I love the colors and the b&w ones are beautiful. :)

  4. These are beautiful, Hannah! :) You did an awesome job. They're such pretty girls.

  5. Holy cow, Hannah. You are good! Beautiful girls also. :)

  6. So lovely, Hannah! Love all of the light springtime colours in these <3 Thanks for sharing, friend!


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