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I couldn't be more stoked to blog this session -- oh man.

Last week when I was down in Tennessee, I did engagement photos for my brother Erich and his fiance Kari, 
and also got to photograph this beautiful family.
Seriously, could they be any more gorgeous or hipster?!!

Nolan and Bekah are super sweet and have some insanely adorable kids -- Lennon, Ellington & Langley.
I adore how laid back and joyfully they interacted, which instantly makes 
their photos look so much more natural
and just plain ooze happiness!!

If you are a Nashville area family and would be interested in me photographing you 
the next time I am down there, shoot me an e-mail or send a message through my contact page
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I just want to stare at this face in Lightroom ALL. DAY. LONG.
Can't even handle how beautiful these kids are.
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and when a train unexpectedly rolls through during the middle of your session, 
you use it as a background!!
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I don't know what the odds are for finding an orange semi, but it was glorious, guys. 
*cue Hallelujah chorus*
So obsessed.
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H. Elise
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  1. The best. =) You capture the unique joy of each family so very well, Hannah!

  2. These are so beautiful Hannah!!! :)

  3. These are SO fun!! Just pure joy captured such an AMAZING talent!!

  4. Hannah!! These are awesome..super unique family and I love how you captured them! Those little guys' shorts...I want me some of those please. =) SO CUTE!!
    see ya tomorrow. =)

  5. ok. yep. wow. YOU ARE SO GOOD! I literally love every single one. Your black and white edits are perfect and you found so many great locations/backdrops. And the love you captured between all of them - wow. Someday, can you photograph my family? ;)

  6. Oh my word!!!!! I love these!!!!!

  7. HANNAH! These are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! You did a fantastic job! Probly my fave session of yours EVER! :D

  8. These are stunning! :) I love the picture with the train in the background. Such a beautiful family; the little boys are adorable. :)

  9. These are AMAZING! Love how relaxed and unposed your family pictures always look. Plus, the editing on these is just spot on. They are phenomenal!


  10. Ahh, I never commented on this post?! TOTALLY amazing pictures, girl. The posing, killer locations, details, everything. So good. And you must have been loving all of the orange and vintage-y details. :) So excited to see what pictures you take during your next Nashville adventure! <3

  11. Oh my word, I LOVE these! Talk about a gorgeous family!! I hope you know I'm gonna be stalking your work for a while now to get ideas and learn from your expertise. ^_^ thanks again for your help! <3


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