Boho Blogtober : VLOG!! || Chelsy Renee + Hannah Elise

Today I am really excited to share with you all the promised video blog for Boho Blogtober!!
Chels + I filmed this about a week ago, and had so much fun doing it.
We briefly talked through it, and then filmed everything in one take, miraculously!!
Although it isn't perfect, we are both happy with it and hope it will encourage you!

a few disclaimers before watching:

- Please bear with us for any awkward moments, fast talking, etc..it's kind of intimidating
to be speaking to a camera on a tripod, and afterwards when we watched it we were totally 
cracking up at ourselves. So keep in mind that this isn't a professional video, and as mentioned, 
we filmed it one take and wanted it to feel low-key -- 
like you were sitting at the table there with us having a conversation. :)

- If we didn't get to answer a question you submitted, we will get to them in a future blog post! 
We both just pulled out a couple questions to keep things simple and not have the vlog be too lengthy.

- There is a small break in the video, which was because the camera stopped recording.
Allison (who was filming for us, thanks girl!!) told us it had quit and so we stopped, 
got it going again, and picked up right where we had finished talking..so you didn't miss anything. :)

Thank you so much for watching!! 
If you enjoyed this video at all, please comment and let us know! 
That would seriously make our day. :) 
We both regularly discuss how much blog comments mean to us, and hope this is a blessing to you!
And depending on how much feedback we get, we may attempt another vlog down the road..
but you guys will have to convince us of that!! :)

~H. Elise
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  1. love your outfits ;) (for real though!) I definitely enjoyed your vlog! It was so much fun to watch! :)

  2. Loved this! It was so much fun to watch and I am definitely hoping you guys do another video in the future! You girls are beautiful by the way, I loved your outfits and the hair!!!! You should totally do a hair tutorial!:) Thanks for putting a smile on my face:)

  3. So where to start!!?? enjoyed this vlog SO much!!! both of your outfits were adorable, and those mugs- aaaahhh! ;-P Really appreciated everything you covered- the photography, on being a stay at home daughter{which can also translate to wife too!}, taking the big sister role seriously {esp. the part about getting down on their "level"- really need to work on that with my 3 year old brother!}, and THRIFTING!!!!! Now I'm inspired!!! =D =D

  4. I loved the vlog, Hannah and Chelsy! After reading your blogs for so long, seeing your faces in pics and loving both of your writing styles, I especially appreciated getting to see your actual personalities as you talked and laughed in the video ;)

    Wonderfully done!

  5. eeek!! LOVED watching Hannah (+ Chelsy!)!! It was neat to hear y'all's voices! ;) Thanks for putting this together! It was helpful. Wow! Those mugs though!! And yes, you both are wearing cute outfits! :)

  6. ^^^^^ This was really neat! Thank you so much for doing this, it would be cool if you and Chelsy did it again sometime in the future. :)

    Haley - http://www.photography4jesus.blogspot.com/

  7. This was so fun! You definitely need to do another vlog soon! I feel like you can get to know someone better by watching them than just reading a post written by them -- it was cool to see the personalities come out a bit more. :) Thanks for the smilies! :)

  8. Lovely video, ladies! :) I enjoyed watching you girls interact with each other, and how you answered your questions. Very interesting and thoughtful stuff.

  9. ♥ this! It was SO fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for doing it and PLEASE do another one! :) -Mary

  10. Loved it, Hannah! You and Chels should definitely post another Vlog sometime!! :-) Ya'll had great answers to peoples questions, and we loved all the unplanned humorous statements throughout it! :-) You both made us laugh a lot, and said many encouraging things too!

    The Forster Girls

    (It was so nice to see you and Chels last week! :-))

  11. still can't believe we actually did this. =)

  12. Finally got to see it!!! Loved "seeing" you and Chelsea. You guys are so fun and loved all the encouraging advice you gave. I only have one little sister and I'm not always so patient, I pray that god would help me a better older sister, more patient and loving.

  13. You girls are so cute and sweet! i loved loved watching this. I'm the second of 8 siblings so (even though I don't have as many as you two) I can still relate to having a big family. It's encouraging to hear about your lives. I graduated high school last year (August of 2013) and since then haven't gone to any college but have been studying interests a bit at home and am very involved in church ministries. Something I've struggled with is sounding confident and remaining cheerful when people ask me about what I'm doing. I love how you brought out that it's about God's glory! And I should be confident in my answers for His glory because He has me here right now. It's His will.

    Also, I'm learning to spend more time with my siblings too. Actually looking them in the eyes when they're talking to me (it's so easy to just nod and say "mhmm" when I'm distracted and not give them my full attention). It's something I've been convicted of lately.

    I'd so love to meet you ladies. You both seem so genuine and sweet. Maybe one day it'll happen.

    I'd definitely LOVE it if you did another vlog sometime. This one was so great.

    Many blessings to you both!


    P.S. I like your outfits. ^_^

  14. This was so awesome!!!! plEEEEEEEeeease do another!

  15. This is SO awesome! I loved watching this! You both are doing an amazing thing! Would totally LOVE to see another Vlog! Thanks heaps!!!

  16. Thank you so much for doing this!! You both are such a huge blessing to me and I was thrilled to hear you were doing a vlog :) Way to endure the awkwardness of doing this for us - thank you, thank you!! :)

  17. Thank you so much for making a Vlog! I really enjoyed it and am hoping that you make another.

  18. Eeeeps! I loved this!! Especially the part about being an older sister! I come from a family with 10 kiddos and am 3rd from oldest, so it is quite a challenge sometimes! A challenge that I LOVE, but can definitely do better at. Like you were saying, just DO the little things with them, because it DOES mean the world to them. Thank you for this encouragement!!
    PS. LOVE your mugs + outfits!


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