portraits of the Whitney family : cedar rapids, ia family photographer

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I totally LOVE making new friends and just meeting people in general..
and I get excited thinking about all the cool people in the world that I haven't met yet!! :)
Back in January one Sunday at church I briefly saw Nora and thought "she looks like someone cool, I want to meet her"
and about a week later we crossed paths and I told her how I had wanted to meet her --
in response she stuck out her hand and said, "well let's make it official!" :)

When I first met Nora and Brandon they were expecting Aleah, and she was just born this summer!
So precious..and that striped outfit she has on always makes me think of the "lollipop guild" on Wizard of Oz, haha!! 
I'm so glad they moved down here, and have loved getting to know them better throughout this year!
For her baby shower I gave them a gift certificate for a session, and these are my favorites
from our shoot back in August..enjoy!!
 photo IMG_1159.jpg
the tongue!!
 photo IMG_1175-2.jpg
 photo IMG_1162.jpg
 photo IMG_1180.jpg  photo IMG_1183.jpg  photo IMG_1187.jpg  photo IMG_1210.jpg  photo IMG_1212.jpg  photo IMG_1216.jpg  photo IMG_1222.jpg  photo IMG_1228.jpg  photo IMG_1250.jpg  photo IMG_1256.jpg  photo IMG_1264.jpg  photo IMG_1283.jpg  photo IMG_1294.jpg  photo IMG_1303.jpg
Nora had said Aleah responded to eye contact and interaction, 
but I still can't get over how she LIT UP in these images when mom talked to her.
 photo IMG_1316.jpg  photo IMG_1321.jpg  photo IMG_1333.jpg  photo IMG_1334.jpg  photo IMG_1338.jpg photo IMG_1369.jpg  photo IMG_1375.jpg
 photo IMG_1364.jpg
~H. Elise

p.s. thank you all so much for the sweet comments on the VLOG!!
really blessed me to hear that it was an encouragement to so many!
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  1. Love love love! So glad to have met you too! Thanks a million!

  2. Oh my word, I love this shoot!!!!!!! totally gives me some inspiration for our family pictures next summer!!!!

  3. This so cool! I love this shoot! Aleah is SO adorable!

  4. Ahhh, so golden, Hannah! These frames are so fantastic. <333

  5. What great photos of Nora, Brandon, and their sweet daughter. Thank you so much, Hannah! You did a nice job: the lighting, creative angles, and winsome close shots.

    Nora's great, isn't she? I'm glad you two could meet. I'm sure she was happy to too.

    Jennifer Dougan


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