Evangeline Renee : 10 Ways to Help a Wedding Morning Run Smoothly

I am really excited to have the fabulous Evangeline Renee guest posting today!!
Many of you already follow her blog and are familiar with her work,
but if you aren't, be sure to go check it out!
Love her style, how she poses her clients, and umm how adorable is her family?!!

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Seriously, so cute.
Awhile back I had a dream that I got to photograph them [ crazy, right?! #photogprobs ] 
so the next time I get back to Indiana, we are going to make this dream come to life and do a shoot. :)
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Hey there! I'm Evangeline Renee, but you can call me Evy. 
I'm a wedding photographer based out of the Midwest but I love it that I get to travel for a large percentage of my weddings. 
My style is clean, fresh and romantic. I wasn't born with a camera in my hands but definitely had one there by the age of two. Growing up I was shy and swore I'd never shoot weddings, but later on my heart changed and I realized people and love are some of the most important things in life. In 2008 I got out of my comfort zone and shot my first wedding and was hooked. 
I now live with my amazing, cinematographer husband and two little boys who I love to death.

10 Ways to Help a Wedding Morning Run Smoothly:

You don't have to be in the wedding industry to realize that in most cases an organized wedding is a smooth wedding. A wedding photographer quickly realizes that organization can be your best friend when it comes to helping everyone stay calm 
and enjoying themselves.
Of course we know some people are very good at organizing and some people need a little help. Either way, here are a few tips I've come up with over my years as a wedding photographer. I don't think these will be anything you haven't heard of or couldn't come up with yourself, but I'll go ahead and share with you what I give to my brides the week before their wedding. (And the reason I do it so close to the wedding is that it gives less time to forget the tips.)

1. Have all the rings together and ready for the photographer first thing in the morning.
There's only so much of hair curling you can shoot, if you have the dress, rings, and details already together you can 
optimize your time.
 photo _MG_6963.jpg

2. Have the dress on a photogenic hanger i.e, wood, metal, lace...
I can't tell you how many times dress shots have been brought down a notch in quality because the plastic hanger was less than photogenic. I also bring my own white fabric hanger to weddings just in case this tip was forgotten. I like to use cloth, the dress doesn't slip around as much. photo anna-josiah-evangeline-renee-photo-8492.jpg
3. Have all your bridal accessories close by the dress ready to be shot.
As mentioned in tip one.
 photo jason-gianna-evangeline-renee-photo-8.jpg
4. Drink water to stay hydrated, and so your eyes will be nice and white.
Last thing you want is a dehydrated or fainting bride. It's an exciting day and it can be hard to remember to eat and drink. And like the tip states it does help your bride's eyes look more awake and sparkly.

 photo branden-alea-evangeline-renee-photo-3416.jpg

5. Have protein i.e, cheese, lunch meat, yogurt as a snack to keep your energy up.
Pretty self explanatory. 

6. Make sure all your people know exactly when to be where.
I work with my brides before hand to help them put together a timeline for their day, and I encourage them to share it with all the people that need to know. So hopefully this step is already done.

 photo anna-josiah-evangeline-renee-photo-8667.jpg

7. Have plenty of mirrors to use for everyone getting ready.

Unless you're getting ready at a salon chances are you're going to want more mirrors for all your lovely ladies to use in the morning. I've been to too many weddings where five girls are trying to use the same mirror. 
Go buy some cheap long mirrors from Wal Mart if you need to.

 photo branden-alea-evangeline-renee-photo-3176.jpg
8. Try to do hair and makeup as close to a window as possible.
Any makeup artist knows doing makeup in natural light is the preferred. And I personally like to shoot those getting ready shots with natural light. So everyone should be happier!

 photo ben-cora-evangeline-renee-photo-5490.jpg
9. Considering having your mom, maid of honor, grandma help you with the dress or jewelry? If so, make sure they're dressed and ready to go before you need to get in it.
This is going to be a special shot for you and your loved ones, it would be a shame for them to see the image later on and not like how they looked because they weren't ready. photo dave-rach-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-144.jpg
10. Remember to breathe, have fun, make a conscious effort to soak in every moment. You only get to do this once. 
Have fun, live in every moment and trust your photographer to capture the special details 
that over time will fade from your mind.
 photo zach-beth-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-4836.jpg

Thank you so much for sharing, Evy!! If you enjoyed this post please leave her some love in the comments below! :)

p.s. just a heads up to those of you that read Chelsy's blog -- she is currently having some technical difficulties, but hopefully her blog will be back to normal again as soon as possible and she will have new posts up for Boho Blogtober!!
thanks for understanding. :)
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  1. Tim + Evy are so wonderful and I'm so glad you asked Evy to do a guest post, Hannah! These are some awesome tips. :) Blessings!

  2. Some really good tips! Thanks, Evy! :)

  3. This is undoubtedly the most special Banquet Halls in the city. We had 6 passed appetizers with the Liguria table which consisted of steamed veggies and fruits and breads. I didn't even care that I'd just been to another feast less than 12 hours ago. I could not stop eating.

  4. This is awesome! Evy, you have done a great job. Fabulous details with amazing wedding photos. Thanks for sharing!


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