welcome to Boho Blogtober + October resolutions!!

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Today is obviously a good day because it kicks off a month of posts for Boho Blogtober!!
[if you missed the original announcement about this project, click here]

It is going to be an amazing, jam-packed month filled with things like photography tips, sessions to blog, a new score thrifty, 
giveaways, a video blog from Chels and I, and some incredible guest bloggers!!!

Seriously, I have been blown away by the guest posts/interviews that have come in 
and cannot wait to share them with you all. SO GOOD. :)

I am kicking things off with my goals or "resolutions" for October!

This next month is going to be super crazy [but VERY fun], and so I thought about giving myself ultra relaxing goals..
such as "eat more chocolate" "watch a BBC movie" "go to Goodwill once a week", but unfortunately those don't 
sound particularly productive. *sigh*
Back to reality -- bring it, October. :)
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running goal. I shared about this goal back in September, and want to make more headway with it (sadly, I barely made any progress last month). So I am going to shoot for working out 3x a week this month. Definitely realistic, and gotta love how good you feel after exercising, amen?! 

take school pictures for my brothers. Last year I put this off until November and it really stressed me out, haha. So I vowed to do them earlier this year, and by Oct. 31 I will make this happen!!

finish reading a profound book. I will be blogging more about this on Friday, and just might be giving away a copy of it -- 
stay tuned. :)


plan out editing. Right now I am in the thick of my busy season, and therefore have a bunch of sessions to edit, and lots still yet to shoot in October here. So I am going to sit down and map out on paper when each session is going to be edited by so by the beginning of December I will have done what needs to be.

delegate simple tasks. After 3 years of business, I'm finally realizing I need to outsource - ha!! :) I'm kind of a control freak about certain things (anyone else?! virtual fist bump), and often feel like I personally need to do every. little. thing. with my business. Example - assembling little kraft boxes for my packaging. So last week I 'let it go', and hired on a couple siblings. They assembled a bunch of these for me, and it was glorious. WHY HAVEN'T I DONE THIS SOONER?! So this month I will not stress myself out when I can enlist others to help me out and stay sane. 

shoot my last wedding of the year. Super duper thrilled to be photographing the Wisconsin wedding of my dear friend, Kayla! Going to be an amazing day, and I also can't wait to be sharing their engagement photos on the blog here soon!!

What goals do you have for yourself this October? 
Also if you blog your monthly goals, please post the link below in the comments and I would love to check them out. :)
I'm so stoked to have YOU following along for Boho Blogtober, 
and am so grateful for all the encouraging words & excitement!!
Looking forward to a fabulous month, and be sure to go check out Chelsy's post today,
and start following her blog if you aren't already!!!

much love,
~H. Elise
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  1. Lovely goals!! I am [so] excited about Boho Blogtober!! :)

  2. Wow, awesome! Love your Blog, and am super excited for Boho Blogtober! Keep it up! Awesome goals too..I should make some myself..hmm! http://walkingonsunshine.co.nr/

  3. It.has.started.
    love your goals...they so inspire me!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your goals! It has been a great motivation for me over the past several months as I have read your posts, and I finally got around to posting some myself!



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