Sexton family : iowa city, ia family + children photographer

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I was excited about this session from the first e-mail Jamie sent --
she was describing some of the outfits she had so far, and totally had me at 
"blush tunic, grey leggings, ivory fur vest, brown lace-up boots..." :)

Really loved how this whole shoot came together, and major props to them for braving the weather!!
It was freezing + windy, and yet they totally rocked it.
And talk about a gorgeous family, right?! Made my job pretty easy.
Enjoy my favorites of Tom, Jamie, Jack + Avery!
 photo IMG_0135.jpg
 photo IMG_0206.jpg
 photo IMG_0226.jpg
 photo IMG_0222.jpg  photo IMG_0258-2.jpg  photo IMG_0262.jpg
 photo IMG_0274.jpg
 photo IMG_0265.jpg photo IMG_0289-2.jpg  photo IMG_0297.jpg
 photo IMG_0326.jpg
 photo IMG_0338.jpg  photo IMG_0392.jpg
So fun getting to use a variety of backgrounds..
I have wanted to shoot with this blue bus for a LONG time!!
 photo IMG_0400-Edit.jpg  photo IMG_0410.jpg  photo IMG_0473.jpg  photo IMG_0482.jpg  photo IMG_0486.jpg  photo IMG_0511.jpg  photo IMG_0541.jpg  photo IMG_0561.jpg  photo IMG_0569.jpg  photo IMG_0578.jpg
 photo IMG_0620.jpg
 photo IMG_0605.jpg  photo IMG_0612.jpg
 photo IMG_0674.jpg
 photo IMG_0630.jpg  photo IMG_0661.jpg  photo IMG_0666.jpg photo IMG_0690.jpg  photo IMG_0710.jpg  photo IMG_0718.jpg  photo IMG_0736.jpg  photo IMG_0766-2.jpg  photo IMG_0791-Edit.jpg  photo IMG_0820.jpg  photo IMG_0830.jpg
 photo IMG_0884.jpg
 photo IMG_0848.jpg  photo IMG_0860.jpg  photo IMG_0868.jpg  photo IMG_0876.jpg photo IMG_0895.jpg  photo IMG_0909.jpg  photo IMG_0926.jpg  photo IMG_0944.jpg  photo IMG_0945.jpg
~H. Elise
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  1. That kid...wow, he definitely rocked the posing :)

    Your work, as always, is stunning, Hannah!

  2. So much gorgeousness! The locations/outfit coordination/light/expressions/joy....these frames are so golden. <3 What a blessing you are to so many, Hannah!

  3. This session was awesome! Beautiful frames! Love the lighting, posing, locations, and outfits! That bus is neat too. ;)

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