Giveaway Winner + Little Girls Model Call

Wow, I was blown away by all the entries on Facebook + Instagram for my family session giveaway!!
I have a love/hate relationship with doing these, because so many people enter and I always wish everyone could win something. :(
Anyways, if you didn't already see -- the winner was Heather Cotner, yay!
Can't wait to photograph her family this year.

I have mentioned before on my blog here that I have some exciting projects in the works,
and one of them is a model call I just put out for little girls!
Spring and photographing little girls go together so well..I have done this before and just loved it.
Probably because I have all brothers, so I rarely get to photograph girls just for fun. :)
 photo Little Girls Blog.jpg

+ girls ages 4-8
+ saturday, april 25
+ must be willing to drive to the Amana Colonies, IA to be photographed,
and in exchange you will receive free, edited digital images!
+ I will be picking the location and doing the outfit styling (you will not need to buy any outfits unless you would like to -- I will be working with clothes you already have, or ones I have picked up over the years through store clearance/thrifting/etc) :)
+ TO APPLY -- please e-mail 2-3 photos of your daughter, name/age and where you are located to hannah@hannaheliseblog.com or message the info/pictures to me on my Facebook Page.
+ submissions received through March 15, 2015, and I will be contacting those accepted by March 18th.
+ sisters are welcome, if you have multiple daughters within this age range! :)
+ if you don't personally have girls that are these ages, please share this post with a friend who does
or tag them in the photo on facebook / instagram. thanks in advance!!

Happy Monday, friends!! This warm weather we're having in the midwest is glory road!

Hannah Elise
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