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Sometimes God brings a new friend into your life right when you need them,
and Kayla Tjelmeland was that friend for me last year. 

We have so much in common it almost creeps me out at times..from not liking whipped cream/cherry on our shakes,
to our moms both having birthdays in September -- we got it.
And it has amazed me that in just one year, we have become so close and made a ton of memories.

Last spring/summer was a season of bliss where we both had a lot of time to just bounce around and do fun stuff.
Go garage sale-ing literally allllll day.
Watch the new Belle movie in theaters when it came out.
Eat 20+ bagel bites in one sitting, because why not.
Buy fudge popsicles at walmart late one night, just to kill time.
Dominate Kohl's sale racks and goodwill.
Simultaneously watch "North & South" at our separate homes, and text each other with our thoughts on each scene.
Enjoy the 'lamest day ever' where Dairy Queen ice cream was spilled, the local small town 'fun days' were a flop,
and we couldn't decide on anything to do so we eventually just went home.
Solve all the world's problems on our library window seat when she came for "piano lessons", 
which were really just an excuse to talk..let's be real. :)

I'll never forget the day her dream car, this vintage yellow Pinto arrived..she came down and we went on a first joy ride together.
Any outing is automatically an adventure when you're driving in that, amen?
Unfortunately she ended up needing to sell it, so we frantically fit this shoot in on a frigid + windy December day.

Once last fall hit, both of our schedules got hectic and the "Hans and Chums" adventures became few and far between.
 Too often we don't realize we were living "the good old days" until a new season comes.
Naturally, whenever we do get time to hang out again, it is treasured.
I just love this girl to pieces...thank yewww for being my soul sister, Kayla.
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  1. i.love.these.
    Her OUTFIT!!!!! awesome style-I love!
    my favs are the last couple-beautiful open space! And of course the one of both of you is the best. =)

  2. okay okay...thats what happens when I try to multi-task and read your blog and post on my family's blog at the same time. my comment comes in under their account. whatever...
    so both of these is me. just to clarify. =)
    miss you oodles!

  3. Wow, these are beautiful, Hannah! Adoring the vintage style of these. :) "Too often we don't realize we were living "the good old days" until a new season comes." << thanks for that reminder to gratefully cherish each moment!

    1. (p.s. currently dressed in h.e. hand-me-downs. ;) if you ever started a clothing line, i'm pretty sure sales would skyrocket considering the number of times i've had to say "oh, it's from hannah sandersfeld..." while wearing an item you gave me. ;) thanks again!)

    2. thanks EB!! and aww I'm so glad you're enjoying them! :) miss you.


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