March resolutions : personal

March. One step closer to spring, right?
It's kind of amazing how we are always longing for the next season and when that one finally gets here,
we start begging for a different one.
Because not too long ago I couldn't wait for the 'slow, winter days' and now suddenly I feel done with them and cannot wait for flowers to start blooming and green grass to show up.
Reminding myself that there is always joy in every season, and we need to focus on that.
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Looking back at my February goals..

personal : 

+ reorganize room/office/piano studio. This is mostly done..I got on a warpath with my room and moved a bunch of things out, put items in more 'functional' places, etc. Still need to finish up my computer desk space and piano studio, though.

+ work on reading more of 'Make It Happen'. Made progress on this..SUCH a good book. I just love Lara's honesty and practical advice, and highly recommend it!

business : 

+ new 'photography tips' posts. Got a new 'some things I've learned' post up here, if you didn't see it yet. I started the one about shooting my brother's wedding, will have it done soon! :)

+ structured e-mail time. This is probably one of the best things I have learned so far in my business, and I think I am going to make this a life habit or something. Focus on e-mails for 30 minutes in the morning, answer anything urgent in the evening if it needs to be done, and that's it. Can you say freeeeeedom?!

+ work on secret projects. More on this soon. :) 

Here we go, March.

personal : 

+ work out. Whether its outside or in, I'm going to get active more. Preferably outside since the temps are getting to be 30 degrees at times -- HASHTAG heat wave!!

+ memorize a chapter of Scripture. Here in Jan/Feb I did a memorization challenge with some friends, and my goal was Titus 2 - 3. I completed it, but not without the typical "its-the-last-week-so-freak-out-and-cram-like-crazy." ;) Engraining Scripture into your mind is so important, and it's amazing how as we get older we lack in this area. It's easy when you're little and have programs like AWANA to motivate you, but when that isn't there we lose sight of this. Anyways, I'm going to pick a new passage to do for March here, since it was such a good exercise.

work :

+ do "Magic of Light" workshop with Summer Murdock. I am crazy stoked about this, and know it will really push me. Earlier this year I was wanting a good photography course I could take, and then stumbled upon Summer's work via pinterest. I was delighted to see she offered a workshop on lighting, and then by the grace of God was able to get a seat at her March one! Seriously, it sold out within minutes and the first day she tried to open registration her site crashed..you know a class is good WHEN, right?! Cannot wait for this.

+ new mentoring session/headshots. I booked a mentor session for myself with a fabulous husband/wife photography team, and they are also taking new pictures for me. I haven't had 'official' headshots taken in almost 2 years, and am really excited for this!! 

+ travel. In doing this ^^ I will be traveling, so if anyone in the Des Moines, IA or Omaha, NE area is interested in a portrait session, please e-mail me asap and I would love to set something up! Hannah@hannaheliseblog.com

+ website/blog/secret projects work. Good things are ahead; super thrilled about all these projects. 
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[love this print/quote, via HERE]

What are you hoping to accomplish in March?
happy Tuesday, friends!

Hannah Elise
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  1. Yay for another goals post - love reading these + gathering ideas! I finished reading Make it Happen yesterday, though I'm only partway through writing down answers to the insightful questions. Eek, I'm stoked for you about the mentor session! Does it happen to be Katelyn James? Also excited to hear about the projects once you announce them! Have a great rest of the week. <3


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