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This was definitely one of my top 10 favorite family sessions I've ever done.

I mean, when Mandy first e-mailed me she said :
" I really just want honest, real photos of our family that show how close we are and how much we love each other. "
Talk about ideal clients, right?! 
I am all about capturing the genuine + connection in photos, and when people are on the same page 
with that it just makes my heart swell.

Mandy and I were both online lighting course this spring taught by Summer Murdock, and connected on social media.
It was so fun to meet in person and photograph her beautiful family -- Stephen, Stella + Vivienne.
They are the type of people where the sweetness just radiates and I'm pretty sure I could photograph them every day and not get tired of it. :)

I am in love with how these images turned out and so excited to share them --
thank you, Byrd family for letting me document this stage of life for you!!
Wish we lived closer and could hang out more in person. :)

p.s. shout-out to my friend Ana for assisting me at this shoot, and if you are reading this and interested in a travel session if/when I am in North Carolina again, please send me an e-mail (hannah@hannaheliseblog.com) 
or message via HERE and I would love to talk more! 

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 photo IMG_6533.jpg photo IMG_6555.jpg  photo IMG_6586.jpg  photo IMG_6593.jpg  photo IMG_6595-2.jpg  photo IMG_6598.jpg  photo IMG_6604.jpg  photo IMG_6649.jpg  photo IMG_6660.jpg  photo IMG_6670.jpg  photo IMG_6685.jpg  photo IMG_6703.jpg  photo IMG_6706.jpg  photo IMG_6708.jpg  photo IMG_6716.jpg  photo IMG_6721-2.jpg  photo IMG_6727.jpg  photo IMG_6731.jpg  photo IMG_6781.jpg  photo IMG_6785.jpg  photo IMG_6796.jpg  photo IMG_6817-2.jpg  photo IMG_6832.jpg  photo IMG_6891.jpg  photo IMG_6908.jpg  photo IMG_6927.jpg  photo IMG_6937.jpg  photo IMG_6951-2.jpg  photo IMG_6976.jpg  photo IMG_7046.jpg  photo IMG_7075.jpg  photo IMG_7096.jpg

pretty much the cutest romper in all the land, right?!

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  1. These are phenomenal! So gorgeous!

  2. Nice, I really like the one of the two girls on the moss covered rock.

  3. Aw my stars, Hannah!! (hands-over-mouth-emoji) Theses photos are *amazing*. Seriously. Each one is filled with such love+joy!
    The family is darling, the girls are adorable, lighting + location are perfect....yeah, I'm in love with this session, too!! ;D
    This is what I hope to capture in families...you are such an inspiration to me! Keep up the good work! ♡

  4. Um, LOVE. You find the best lighting + locations, girl! And, yep, pretty much the cutest romper evah. :)

  5. These photos are just waaay too gorgeous. Love it!


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