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Back in the day when I first started reading blogs, I was introduced through a friend to one by Evangeline Renee.
She was a wedding photographer and I remember that she had just gotten engaged when I began following her site.
I loved keeping up with the amazing work she was posting, seeing her own wedding pictures,
and little family grow over time. 
When I began my photography journey she was always super helpful to answer questions I had, 
or offer advice..and I've been wanting to meet her for years.
It is amazing how you feel like you 'know' someone just from keeping up with their social media, haha!
The whole world of bloggers/photographers/artists is pretty awesome.

Just last month I was in Indiana, and am so thankful + thrilled that it worked out to meet up and do some pictures!!
Thanks Tim, Evy, Evin, Scottlan + baby Ransom for a fun evening -- let's hang out again soon. :)
Huge thank you also to my friend Kelsey for assisting me at this shoot, and be sure to go check out Evy's work HERE and Tim's videography HERE as well!

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stay fierce Scotty, stay fierce. :)
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  1. Oh my goodness, Hannah. This shoot is so so WONDERFUL! I love how your shoots focus on capturing the family as they are. That way your photos turn out so genuine, honest, and real. Just love these pictures.

    God bless!


  2. Absolutely love these people & pictures!! It would be extremely hard to nail it down to one fave, but the fierce Scotty (insert crying-laughing emoji! and the heart eyes!), Evin being lifted into the air by Tim, and Evy with her little boys are some that especially jumped out at me. And since when did those boys get so old?! Fab job, Hannah - LOVE. <3

  3. Aw my! These pictures are adorable! You did a fantastic job, Hannah!

  4. Thanks again, Hannah! And I just saw when we were swinging Evin in the air his shoes are on the wrong feet. Lol, so typical.

  5. I have followed Evy for a LONG time so this was neat to see! :) Gorgeous pictures...

  6. HANNAH. I just have no words. These are GORGEOUS. Beyond gorgeous.

  7. I began following you because one of my friends whom also is into photography, follows you. I believe she might have tagged me in a post. I enjoy your photography.

  8. I began following you because one of my friends whom also is into photography, follows you. I believe she might have tagged me in a post. I enjoy your photography.


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