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Yikes -- it's February already?!
I feel like everyone is into spring already and I'm all "WOAHA wait I need my chill winter months over here!!"
I think it is because we never really got snow until around New Year's, 
and I'm just not personally ready to move on into spring yet, and it's moving too fast.
I still want a bunch of "dead winter time" to regroup, haha. :)
January went by kind of fast..but here's my goals for February here.
personal : 

+ figure out a workout plan. With how my life has been the last few months that has been literally non-existent..but I love how you feel when you workout and it is just a good habit to be in. I went for a walk last Saturday because it was 40 degrees (HELLO HEAT WAVE) and it felt amazing. 

+ get more creative with my 365 project. lately I've been feeling in a rut with this and have been busy with other important things, so I've been doing the lame 'take a picture of an object' it seems like. I really want to push myself with this though, and do more with people and new things as that will help me grow and not just object photography. You can keep up with on my Instagram Feed, or search the hashtag #HannahElise365.

+ finish memorizing Romans 6 and Proverbs 4. I've been doing a memorization project with some friends and this is the last month to complete so its crunch time. Also -- if you want awesome Scripture to memorize, just pick a chapter of Romans and do it. So, so good. I love the phrase "but present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness" and have been thinking about it a lot.  Just that whole concept of everything up to Him…letting Him flow through me and who He wants me to be.

+ figure out a daily routine and start sticking to it. I'd much rather stay up until 2 am working on stuff and then sleep in the next day, but that really isn't ideal or best..and I want to start implementing better habits on how I should run daily life. Working from home and for yourself is really hard to do, but I want to figure something out for myself and start living by it so that I have solid structure.

+ I'm still thinking about if I want to do a clothes sale or not..I'll figure out how/when I want to do that and post on social media or the blog here if it happens. :)

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work : 

+ take a day and sit down and figure out where God wants me to go with my businesses/life this year. 
I am NOT going to let the reality that it's almost March and going to be spring make me freak out and rush into getting everything together and start photography stuff for the year. It's not worth it. I will take things one step at a time, and I'd rather start the race later and be totally prepared and have a clear mission, than rush into things because I'm just feeling under time pressure and that I need to get going. Along with this I want to write out my goals for the year in a little notebook that I always do.

+ After doing the above ^^ post, work on making new price lists for the year.

+ dream and make goals about what I would absolutely LOVE to shoot this year and how I'm going to make that happen. I was watching a webinar recently by Abby Grace and she was asking "what would you KILL to shoot this year?" And how I need to be creatively asking myself that question to keep the passion alive. I've been watching some really good webinars recently..cheers to free education!!

+ do recap posts of my 2015 favorite images...I have something fun I'm doing with this and it WILL happen this month. :)

+ finish all the editing on my plate right now.

+ look into / hire someone to do my taxes for me for this next year here. I'm slowly realizing what all the professionals are saying about outsourcing stuff and how golden that is.

+ get inbox down to zero. This didn't happen last month -- going to for February. It's so true when people say 'physical clutter is mental clutter' (#PREACH) and I want to just reorganize my life in general here so things aren't disorganized.

+ keep blogging!! I still have multiple sessions to share and a couple GIVEAWAYS coming up so get excited for that! Fun stuff, guys. :) I also want to work on a new photography tips post in relation to posing..excited for that.

Anyways, what are you hoping to accomplish here in February?!
I would love to hear..I always really enjoy having you guys interact in the comments below!
Check back here on Monday as I will have a new family session up that I'm excited to share!!
Have a great weekend!
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  1. You sound like me with the whole winter thing. I know people that are like "Spring is almost here!" and I'm like "wait, we haven't even had winter! I'm not even getting excited about spring, I want winter first!". Haha! We didn't get snow till just about the new year and the last few days it's been totally feeling like spring, although it did cool down some now.
    Great goals! I really need to get better at setting goals and actually accomplishing them. I'm horrible about accomplishing things.
    This month my goals are:
    To try and improve my eating choices (I stepped on the scales the other day and was horrified!), and walk, walk, and walk some more. LOL. Writing this after a horrible late night snack. Chocolate Sugar Coated Oats and Heavy Cream. Not a good choice. ;)
    Accomplish some sewing, add a bunch of stuff to my Etsy shop.
    Finish doing a study on "The Fruit of The Spirit".

    Sorry about the extreme length of my comment.:)

  2. I love this! I can totally relate to the whole workout schedule/not wanting to exercise in the freezing cold. (Plus, coffee and Netflix is usually calling) Also, I love the memorization of the different chapters. A thing I will have to start:)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing/reading about the goals other people are setting. It always inspires in accomplishing my own!

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  5. Go girl! Here's to a great rest of 2016!!! xoxo.

  6. Oh Hannah I'm so thrilled that the Goal Setting webinar was helpful for you! Seriously- make that list, girl. Photograph something that fuels you- you may be shocked by how it feeds into other areas of your work :).


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