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I'm excited as this is the first of three giveaways this month!!
I really love listening to music with lyrics, but sometimes you have times where
you just need instrumental music and something calming like that.
I've had that happen several times just this week, and it's a really nice to have a haven of just background music.

I met the Mieczkowski girls a couple years ago at a Bright Lights Conference,
and back in December here Lorie contacted me in regards to their new music CD --
she sent me a copy, and they are graciously giving another one away to one of you readers as well!

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The MIECZKOWSKI'S are a musical family of twelve that seeks to glorify God through excellent music. 
Their focus is generally strings, but they use a lot of piano. 
"Reflections of Praise" is an instrumental CD, although they do sing as a family, in solos and other groups, at other times. 
The selections on the CD include string quartet, piano trio, string ensemble, 
and violin, piano, harp + cello solos.
They do a REALLY professional job in their music, and the arrangements are beautiful!
This album has more of an upbeat vibe, but also slower songs as well.
Some of my favorites on this CD are 'When Morning Gilds the Skies', 'Celtic Foundation',
'When I Survey the Wondrous Cross' + 'O Love Divine'..I loved those.

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You can purchase the music and listen to samples on their WEBSITE
and it is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon + CD Baby which is awesome!!
Also be sure to check out their BLOG + FACEBOOK PAGE!

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Comment on this post and share one of your favorite music artists or a CD that you personally love!
Giveaway runs until midnight CST this Sunday (March 13, 2016)
and a winner will be chosen and announced here on the blog Monday morning!
One entry per person, open to U.S. and Canada residents only.

If you think you have a friend that might be interested in this, be sure to spread the word!!
Thank you so much to Lorie & the Mieczkowski family for this giveaway!

have a great weekend, guys!!
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  1. Let's see, my favorite artist is probably the Colingsworth family. I'm excited to see who winner is (I hope it's me ;).


  2. This CD looks really neat! I love instrumental music as well.
    My favorites would be the Wissmann family and the Durocher family.

  3. I love instrumentals! Oh but one of my favorite CDs is "Cleanse Me" by Lois and India Rasquinha.

    1. GAHH! Love them so much! That was my favorite CD for a long time!

  4. I've been wanting to buy this CD (it would be great to win it;)). My favorite CD is actually one by a dear friend of ours. I love Weep no More by the Steve Pettit team, I also really enjoy Hear My Prayer by Matthew Burtner.

  5. Looks like a great CD!! I do enjoy instrumental music! I think one of my favorites is Michael W Smith!

  6. Love your blog, you are an inspiration Deario!
    For instrumental music: Alisdair Frasier+Natalie Haas
    For Christian Family music: John Marshall Family-CLASSIC- and Christ honoring!

  7. This sounds like a great cd! My favorite is Agnus Dei by Stuart Pendred! He has a baritone voice and uses it to sing hymns! :)

    Thank you for doing the giveaway!

    Smiles & Blessings,

  8. I enjoy the Marini Family music, their last cd is probably my favorite. They do a lot of harp music, which I love:) Thank you for doing another giveaway!!! ~Natalia

  9. Oh this sounds like it will be nice to listen to! I enjoy James Block, and also the group Zemer Levav :D
    Thank you for having this giveaway!
    ~Susannah K~

  10. My favorite cd right now is Stronger For You, Jesus by Livin' Forgiven.

  11. Ah! Would love to have this CD- I met the Mieczkowski's at said Bright Lights conference, and they all have such incredible talent! They're such a fun and uplifting family.

    Some of my new favorites are About A Mile ("Who You Say You Are" has been on repeat- SO. GOOD.!) and I Am They ("Make A Way" is a favorite by them!)

  12. I would love to hear this CD! My favorite music is now verbatim Scripture songs. The perfect memory tool and keeps the PERFECT truth running in my head all the time! I promote them here: http://journeyoftheword.com/category/songs/. There are so many wonderful artists creating this stuff! My current favorite is a collection of 10 songs based on the first 5 Psalms by Immanuel Music: http://journeyoftheword.com/2016/03/04/more-music-in-march-0-1/.

  13. One of my favorite CDs is Behold Our God by the Miller children! It has very uplifting songs and their harp music is always a plus!

  14. One of my favorites right now in instrumental is Jennifer Thomas "Key of Sea"

  15. This sounds like a wonderful recording. We love to have uplifting music in our home.

    One of my favorite CDs is "Think on These Things" by the SoundForth Singers.

  16. I'm need of another instrumental CD. My favorite artists this last while has been I Am They. The songs have ministered to me so much.

  17. I would love to hear this cd! It sounds like it's amazing! One of my favorite singing families right now is the Bontrager Family..I also love their heart for the Lord as they serve Him in worship. I have their cd Someone You Can Reach. ��

  18. Josh Wilson! lol!! I think I'm the only one with a Christian Contemporary music artist here.. :P lol! But..yeah, that CD looks GREAT. My little siblings would love to listen to it at bedtime..they're always asking me for new music. :D

  19. I love instrumental music! One of my favorite CDs is Amazing Grace by David Osborne. It's piano music which I love:) I couldn't list all the music I enjoy- so I guess that will be the one I choose:) This Cd looks wonderful!! Thanks for doing the giveaway. I always enjoy instrumental hymns:)

  20. I love the Christian groups Hillsong and Shane & Shane...so much biblical truth in their lyrics!!

  21. Hmm, I enjoy the Wissmans CD, but I like singing hymns a lot too. This looks like a great giveaway!!! Thanks for sharing it!

  22. I enjoy listening to the Bontrager family, and the Wissmanns, and others like that.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. One of my favorite cd's is "The Brothers" -- a mens Quintet. We have it on in the car all the time, and my sisters and I love singing along with them!

    1. Whoops, forgot to leave a name... lol! -- Amy J.

  24. It's hard to choose a favorite, but I'm gonna go with Keith and Kristyn Getty! Especially their "Hymns for the Christian Life" CD!

  25. Adam Young's newest album RMS Titanic... I can't stop listening to it! it's all
    instrumental and it sounds exactly like you'd picture the evening the Titanic sunk.

  26. So excited to see this giveaway! I'd love to win this CD...I've heard the samples, and they all sound beautiful!
    One of my favorite artists is the Galkin Evangelistic Team! :)
    Thanks for hosting this!

  27. Thanks for having this giveaway Hannah. I like listening to Scripture CDs and the Bontragger family cd Almighty God.


  28. The Steve Petit Evanglistic Team is our absolute favorite music of all times:)

  29. Ooo, excitingness! We met their family through BB & they're such dear people. Ah, it would be very difficult to choose a top fave artist/cd, but two CDs that have recently been on repeat in the car are Rend Collective's Art of Celebration, Bontrager Family's Someone You Can Reach, and one of my brothers popped in a GLAD acapella CD last night, too. :) {btw, love how even your giveaway pics go with your theme/vibe/brand of this blog!}

  30. Sounds like music I would really enjoy! My current favorite album is Run to You by 4 Proches. They're a family band from Texas with a folk/bluegrassy type if style and they have a lot of original songs that I love.

  31. This sounds like lovely music-listened to the samples on their website! I agree with EB...it's hard to choose a favorite! One of my top favorite singing family's would most definitely be Bontrager Family Singers=)


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