Hey guys..well, I've finally blogged here.. 
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Hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas + start to the New Year with your families..
I've had a post started awhile back with October goals and then November and I think I might have thought about posting in December but obviously none of those happened.. :)

This past December was the craziest work season I've ever had and I about killed myself 
(I think you know there's a problem when your body is shaking from stress)..
That was honestly a really rough season + had me in tears more times than I'd like to admit..

Basically back from the end of August to beginning of November (in about 2 1/2 months) I hosted a photography internship, hosted a baby shower with some other people for a friend, did a surprise 50th birthday party for my Mom, 8 day trip to North Carolina, surprise going away party for a friend, a million shoots, etc..
If I'm not nuts I don't know who is.. #laughingcryingemoji 

2016 was just a hard year for me in a lot of different ways..losing my Grandma, 
I had an illness that knocked me down + was in the hospital with that, 
my best friend of 11 years moved away, along with other stuff like a crazy work schedule, etc..


Anyways, I've just been mostly worn out from things + honestly haven't been feeling motivated or excited about goals lately -- but here are some January goals..


+ Finish up work projects. I still have some work projects that I didn't get finished before Christmas + so I still am finishing those up here..

+ Work on taxes.. I may just start working on these for an hour every day instead of tackling it all at one time as a mega-project..


+ Read more of Uninvited. I've been really enjoying this book -- I love how honest + down-to-earth Lysa is + it's been cracking me up so much.. I haven't read any of her other books + she has some really good truth to share. I also may go back at some point + underline some things..

+ Figure out a a new daily routine for myself.. my schedule is a lot different now + I need to figure this out + start sticking to it..

+ Get back into my 365 project.. I've been like the world's worst person ever with this project but I want to finish it..

+ Memorize a chapter.. I'm doing a memorizing project again with some friends + need to work on this. I was thinking about doing 1 Peter 1 but then the other day was thinking about 1 Corinthians 15 so I don't know what exactly I'll end up doing..

+ Workout again..I want to get into this more this year + may do some soon here..

A few things to woot about.. 

+ Godiva chocolate. I used to say another brand was my favorite chocolate and now I'm like Godiva -- Godiva is the standard. I may have gone to Kohl's after Christmas and literally half the reason I went there was to get clearance Godiva chocolate.. #noshame

+ Also speaking of chocolate -- THESE.. words of the wise, don't buy these..it's bad how good they are..

+ Some great songs to listen to -- HEREherehereherehere..

+ Ice skating.. We went ice skating the other day + I always enjoy it..I'm not really an adventuresome person but somehow it opens me up more + I might do this more down the road..

I do want to blog more..I'll try and be better about this..
I have sessions I can share, I do still want to blog some thoughts on grief at some point, 
I have a new "some things I've learned"post I started awhile back to share sometime, etc..

Anyways, what have you guys had going on or what would you like to see on the blog here??
I'd love to hear from you + connect with you on here..

Hope you guys are having a great start to January so far..

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  1. Hannah dear! DefinitelyLOVE that picture of you there at the end! Wow, so awesome. And your goals posts are always great, and honestly you should blog sessions, like a certain awesome autumn one with a sis of mine (I may or may not be dying to see those!!!)
    love you much!

  2. Love this post, girl!
    And that pic of you...STUNNER.
    Miss you!!

  3. Awe, yes, I understand. This year was very hard for my family too. (Losing a stillborn sister, my 2 aunts, my great grandpa) life gets hard sometimes. Thanks fit sharing this post!
    Love your goals! <3

    1. Oh my goodness I'm so sorry..that is so hard..hope you have a great 2017..

  4. These are awesome goals! I'd love to see a post about the internship. :)

    1. Yes -- I will be posting a recap of the internship down the road here!! :)

  5. I agree with the other ^^^^ anonymous, could you post about the internship? I would really like to see the recap. I wish I could have gone...

  6. I'm trying to memorize 1 Peter 1 this month too! (but it'll probably be a Jan-Feb type of thing :D ).
    Hope your 2017 is fantastic and I'm looking forward to all your posts of shoots!


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