CRANE FAMILY : Iowa City, IA Family + Portrait Photographer

 photo IMG_3712.jpg

This was one of those "magic" sessions..where everything just falls into place..

I think this was my first family shoot of 2016 and was such a great one to start with..
Loved photographing this beautiful family..this is probably one of my top 10 favorite family sessions
I've ever done..such a magic night.

Also this was my first time shooting at Lake MacBride + I will definitely be shooting there again..
so much win.
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 photo IMG_3918.jpg  photo IMG_3740.jpg photo IMG_3806.jpg  photo IMG_3986.jpg  photo IMG_3989.jpg photo IMG_3999.jpg photo IMG_3992.jpg photo IMG_4003.jpg  photo IMG_4017.jpg  photo IMG_4018.jpg  photo IMG_4085.jpg photo IMG_4105.jpg photo IMG_4099.jpg photo IMG_4124.jpg photo IMG_4115-2.jpg photo IMG_4154.jpg  photo IMG_4161.jpg photo IMG_4170.jpg  photo IMG_4190.jpg  photo IMG_4195.jpg  photo IMG_4200.jpg  photo IMG_4207.jpg  photo IMG_4210.jpg  photo IMG_4218.jpg  photo IMG_4234.jpg  photo IMG_4237.jpg  photo IMG_4268-2.jpg  photo IMG_4270.jpg  photo IMG_4305.jpg  photo IMG_4317.jpg  photo IMG_4372.jpg  photo IMG_4387.jpg  photo IMG_4393.jpg  photo IMG_4398.jpg  photo IMG_4406.jpg  photo IMG_4417.jpg  photo IMG_4479.jpg  photo IMG_4483.jpg  photo IMG_4513.jpg  photo IMG_4518.jpg  photo IMG_4542.jpg photo IMG_4721.jpg photo IMG_4729.jpg  photo IMG_4749.jpg photo IMG_4793.jpg photo IMG_4766.jpg
I don't think I'll ever get over this image.. #allthehearteyes
 photo IMG_4805.jpg photo IMG_5260.jpg photo IMG_5558.jpg photo IMG_4941.jpg photo IMG_4953.jpg photo IMG_4984.jpg photo IMG_4978.jpg  photo IMG_5000.jpg photo IMG_4931.jpg photo IMG_5013.jpg  photo IMG_5039.jpg  photo IMG_5071.jpg  photo IMG_5076.jpg  photo IMG_5082.jpg  photo IMG_5089.jpg  photo IMG_5091-2.jpg  photo IMG_5100.jpg  photo IMG_5141.jpg  photo IMG_5146.jpg photo IMG_5196.jpg photo IMG_5172.jpg photo IMG_5193.jpg photo IMG_5192.jpg photo IMG_5326.jpg photo IMG_5335.jpg photo IMG_5328.jpg  photo IMG_5353.jpg  photo IMG_5370.jpg  photo IMG_5487.jpg  photo IMG_5502-2.jpg  photo IMG_5520.jpg  photo IMG_5548.jpg photo IMG_5587.jpg  photo IMG_5561.jpg  photo IMG_5610.jpg  photo IMG_5680.jpg photo IMG_5715.jpg photo IMG_5714.jpg
Obsessed with this shot..
 photo IMG_5720.jpg  photo IMG_5724.jpg  photo IMG_5744.jpg photo IMG_5752.jpg photo IMG_5747.jpg photo IMG_5774.jpg  photo IMG_5779.jpg  photo IMG_5820.jpg  photo IMG_5826.jpg  photo IMG_5882.jpg  photo IMG_5896.jpg  photo IMG_5957.jpg photo IMG_5976.jpg  photo IMG_5976-3.jpg photo IMG_5978.jpg photo IMG_6154.jpg photo IMG_6176.jpg photo IMG_6012.jpg photo IMG_5992.jpg photo IMG_6044.jpg  photo IMG_6060.jpg photo IMG_6097.jpg photo IMG_6095.jpg  photo IMG_6188-2.jpg photo IMG_6390.jpg  photo IMG_6399.jpg  photo IMG_6406.jpg photo IMG_6425.jpg photo IMG_6423.jpg photo IMG_6424.jpg  photo IMG_6427.jpg photo IMG_6437.jpg  photo IMG_6459.jpg  photo IMG_6459-2.jpg photo IMG_6428.jpg photo IMG_6464.jpg  photo IMG_6467.jpg  photo IMG_6480.jpg photo IMG_6489.jpg photo IMG_6485.jpg photo IMG_6532.jpg photo IMG_6513-2.jpg photo IMG_6538.jpg  photo IMG_6545.jpg  photo IMG_6547.jpg  photo IMG_6566.jpg  photo IMG_6584.jpg  photo IMG_6584-2.jpg  photo IMG_6654.jpg  photo IMG_6702.jpg  photo IMG_6703.jpg photo IMG_6712.jpg photo IMG_6709.jpg photo IMG_6236.jpg photo IMG_6749.jpg photo IMG_6776.jpg photo IMG_6877.jpg photo IMG_6770.jpg photo IMG_6826.jpg photo IMG_6889-2.jpg photo IMG_6883.jpg photo IMG_6900.jpg  photo IMG_6918.jpg photo IMG_6922.jpg photo IMG_6920.jpg photo IMG_6974.jpg photo IMG_6956.jpg photo IMG_7037.jpg
 photo IMG_7021.jpg photo IMG_7054.jpg  photo IMG_7112.jpg
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  1. Okay, so that baby's blue eyes are INSANE. Gorgeous + connected + dreamy work as always, girl!!

  2. Such beautiful pics!! I love your work :)


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