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I'm going to start posting some of my seniors here -- Jenna was my first 2017 one of last year..
Some years are more 'senior-heavy' for me than others -- I think last year I did 9 seniors -- #wideeyesemoji

I just love the Lindhart family so much -- see past sessions here + here..
I truly get to work with such incredible clients..

Jenna is a doll -- seriously, so pretty..
Enjoy my favorites of her!!

p.s. and yes, I fully realize that some of these are duplicates with B&W but I couldn't decide which one
I liked better (between color + B&W) so I included both.. :)
 photo IMG_0029.jpg  photo IMG_0048.jpg  photo IMG_0061.jpg photo IMG_0076.jpg photo IMG_0209.jpg photo IMG_0096.jpg photo IMG_0127.jpg photo IMG_0100.jpg photo IMG_0142.jpg  photo IMG_0205.jpg  photo IMG_0208.jpg photo IMG_0209-2.jpg photo IMG_0243.jpg  photo IMG_0274.jpg photo IMG_0282.jpg  photo IMG_0302.jpg  photo IMG_0315.jpg  photo IMG_0334.jpg photo IMG_0355.jpg photo IMG_0351.jpg photo IMG_0367-2.jpg  photo IMG_0367.jpg photo IMG_0381.jpg  photo IMG_0388-2.jpg  photo IMG_0388.jpg  photo IMG_0394.jpg photo IMG_0370.jpg photo IMG_0403.jpg  photo IMG_0468.jpg  photo IMG_0472.jpg photo IMG_0491.jpg photo IMG_0487.jpg photo IMG_0510.jpg photo IMG_0501.jpg photo IMG_0533.jpg photo IMG_0535.jpg photo IMG_0510-2.jpg photo IMG_0769.jpg  photo IMG_0818.jpg  photo IMG_0836.jpg photo IMG_0873.jpg photo IMG_0845.jpg photo IMG_0889.jpg  photo IMG_0900.jpg  photo IMG_0957.jpg photo IMG_0845-2.jpg photo IMG_0984.jpg  photo IMG_0997.jpg  photo IMG_1012.jpg photo IMG_1035.jpg  photo IMG_1044.jpg  photo IMG_1056-2.jpg  photo IMG_1070.jpg  photo IMG_1078.jpg  photo IMG_1112.jpg  photo IMG_1288-2.jpg photo IMG_1266.jpg photo IMG_1305.jpg  photo IMG_1408.jpg  photo IMG_1409.jpg  photo IMG_1413.jpg  photo IMG_1435.jpg  photo IMG_1439.jpg  photo IMG_1443.jpg  photo IMG_1449.jpg  photo IMG_1453.jpg  photo IMG_1456.jpg photo IMG_1464.jpg photo IMG_1462.jpg photo IMG_1475.jpg  photo IMG_1483.jpg  photo IMG_1486.jpg  photo IMG_1493.jpg  photo IMG_1505.jpg  photo IMG_1515.jpg photo IMG_1507.jpg photo IMG_1519.jpg  photo IMG_1566.jpg  photo IMG_1615.jpg photo IMG_1773.jpg photo IMG_1653.jpg  photo IMG_1713.jpg  photo IMG_1738.jpg  photo IMG_1755.jpg  photo IMG_1758.jpg photo IMG_1778.jpg  photo IMG_1786.jpg  photo IMG_1799.jpg photo IMG_1758-2.jpg photo IMG_1802.jpg  photo IMG_1857.jpg  photo IMG_1872.jpg  photo IMG_1875.jpg  photo IMG_1919.jpg  photo IMG_1922.jpg  photo IMG_1964.jpg  photo IMG_1967.jpg  photo IMG_1984.jpg  photo IMG_2040.jpg  photo IMG_2041.jpg  photo IMG_2051.jpg  photo IMG_2065.jpg  photo IMG_2123.jpg  photo IMG_2130.jpg  photo IMG_2158.jpg  photo IMG_2175.jpg  photo IMG_2203.jpg  photo IMG_2207.jpg  photo IMG_2211.jpg  photo IMG_2211-2.jpg photo IMG_2236.jpg  photo IMG_2243-2.jpg photo IMG_2247.jpg  photo IMG_2257.jpg photo IMG_2274.jpg photo IMG_2266.jpg photo IMG_2280.jpg  photo IMG_2295.jpg  photo IMG_2310.jpg
I'm obsessed with this shot..
 photo IMG_2330.jpg  photo IMG_2353.jpg photo IMG_2375.jpg photo IMG_2371.jpg photo IMG_2384.jpg photo IMG_2402.jpg photo IMG_2397.jpg photo IMG_2412.jpg  photo IMG_2423.jpg  photo IMG_2454.jpg photo IMG_2466.jpg photo IMG_2462.jpg photo IMG_2462-2.jpg photo IMG_2223.jpg photo IMG_2221.jpg photo IMG_2521.jpg photo IMG_2576.jpg photo IMG_2562.jpg photo IMG_2600.jpg  photo IMG_2603.jpg  photo IMG_2623.jpg  photo IMG_2644.jpg  photo IMG_2650.jpg  photo IMG_2652.jpg  photo IMG_2681.jpg photo IMG_2701.jpg  photo IMG_2715.jpg  photo IMG_2741.jpg photo IMG_2765.jpg photo IMG_2701-2.jpg photo IMG_2814.jpg  photo IMG_2813.jpg photo IMG_2748.jpg photo IMG_2815.jpg  photo IMG_2818.jpg  photo IMG_2841.jpg photo IMG_2854.jpg  photo IMG_2856-2.jpg  photo IMG_2844.jpg photo IMG_2858.jpg photo IMG_2863.jpg  photo IMG_2864.jpg  photo IMG_2882.jpg photo IMG_2907.jpg photo IMG_2888.jpg  photo IMG_2891.jpg  photo IMG_2902.jpg photo IMG_2922.jpg photo IMG_2967.jpg photo IMG_2964.jpg photo IMG_3048.jpg photo IMG_2990.jpg photo IMG_3043-2.jpg photo IMG_3049.jpg  photo IMG_3056.jpg photo IMG_3043.jpg photo IMG_3060.jpg  photo IMG_3079.jpg  photo IMG_3099.jpg  photo IMG_3105.jpg  photo IMG_3112.jpg photo IMG_3122.jpg  photo IMG_3164.jpg  photo IMG_3167.jpg photo IMG_3112-2.jpg photo IMG_3178.jpg  photo IMG_3211.jpg  photo IMG_3224.jpg photo IMG_3240.jpg photo IMG_3239.jpg photo IMG_3253.jpg  photo IMG_3261.jpg  photo IMG_3299.jpg  photo IMG_3339.jpg photo IMG_3345.jpg photo IMG_3343.jpg photo IMG_3372.jpg photo IMG_3361.jpg photo IMG_3359-2.jpg photo IMG_3376.jpg
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