Tuesday, September 11, 2012

august // feet

August was a really long month...at least it seemed that way to me. and September is already flitting past and I want to grasp each day and hold onto it before it becomes a memory.
I think why last month felt so long was because I took that month off from teaching piano lessons, and had thus had a lot more time in my weeks...I started teaching again last week, and with some other things beginning again its nice to get back into a more 'normal' weekly schedule. :)
I don't know that this post is very exciting, but here it is...pictures of my feet/shoes/socks from August. :)
I don't know what exactly I was thinking when I picked "feet" as my theme for what to photograph last month, because feet aren't exactly that exciting....but I did end up having some fun with this and so if anyone cares to see these..here are my august feet in all their glory [not]...
starting with some phone pics.:
chilling-on-the-couch feet // babysitting feet
driving feet // more driving feet
mummified toe feet // otto + I sporting our one-sock style
happy socks // out thrifting feet
summer flip-flop feet // me + O
living room feet // on-the-carpet-toes
at family camp:
also from camp:
orange toes make any day happy...just sayin ;)
broke out the clogs last month--yayyyy for fall!
toes on the driveway:
so Otto has this habit of taking my shoes and wearing them around the house...
all the time.
you'd think since I'm the only girl I would never have problems with siblings taking my shoes...well, I do.
my shoes end up all over the house thanks to him. :P
so I took his "fli-floffs" one day...as payback.
he wasn't too happy.
one of my latest favorite pictures...I love that kid:
at the lake at family camp:
oh, and I got these last week [in September]..my feet are stoked...Photobucket
~H. Elise


  1. we can tell what your favorite sandals are ;)) oh and TOMS ftw :)) bets shoes ever, what did I say? ;)

    1. Haha Madeline, yes...way obvious. and TOMS...BEST SHOES EVER. :)

  2. You are hilar; taking Otto's shoes as payback. :) This may sound weird, but it was an interesting project. In fact, I liked seeing pictures of your feet all over the country(or maybe I should say Iowa).

    Ha and I bet your feet are "stoked" about your Orange Toms. :)

  3. TOMS are the best!! Yours look really cool too! :)
    Otto is so stinking cute. ;)

  4. TOMS!!!! I've had my eye on a pair for awhile now.....love the bright orange:)


  5. So fun, Hannah! =) Love the TOMs...I'd probably not be brave enough to actually wear the orange ones myself, but they are super adorable. =) And I have my eye on a pair of navy ones... =) Blessings!!


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