slightly behind + somewhat ahead || personal

is how I'm feeling right now.
these next few months are going to be filled to the brim...and I'm mentally trying to figure out how to stay on top of everything and be ahead of the game!

this last week was a really good one...I got a lot accomplished...which makes me happy.
I'm trying to stop and savor moments...or at least I need to remind myself to do that more.
I've heard it said that you can be "in time"or "through time", and I think I'm more of a "through time" person....always looking ahead to the next thing.
the next shoot I have.
 the next session to edit.
the next prints to order.
 the next cards to design.
 the next piano lesson to teach.
the next load of laundry to put in.
the next letter to write.
the next dishes to wash.

and I don't stop and really enjoy just enjoy life. I like being busy, and having lots going on keeps me on my toes and my days more focused and organized, but I don't want to miss the daily life moments.
hearing otto laugh.
playing football with my brothers.
family movie nights...[btw, watched 'the Lorax' last night with the littles--so fun!]

and just being still. life moves too fast for us to not stop and breathe and just focus on one thing. not our whole day, just the next thing.
I took the time this week to order some prints for myself....actually holding pictures in print instead of viewing them on a screen is becoming rare it seems.
can't wait to put some of these on cards or hang them up around the house!
I haven't had a 'score thrifty' post on the blog in awhile...because I haven't really been doing much thrifting! and the majority of what I have done has just been clothes that I've found on sale, and doing a whole post about clothes seems kind of weird....here are a few 'non-clothes' items I got recently..
$2 bracelet:
75 cents for these candles.
of course since the one was zebra I couldn't walk away from them.
$1 black flats [rockport brand]
today is my best friend's birthday...my Mom.
I found this picture of both of us today...back 10+ years ago at a dance recital.
I'm soso thankful for my Mom's example, and how she joyfully serves our family.Photobucket
I hope you take some time to just stop and soak up life.
don't overbook your life [I'm talking to myself here!]Photobucket
leave room to sit and savor the everyday moments.
celebrate the beauty of a simple life.Photobucket
have an awesome weekend!
~H. Elise
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  1. I'm 100% right there with you. I love being busy. It keeps me focused in a way. Although there is definitely a limit of busy/insanity. I'm loving the pictures of the bike! Gorgeous. :)

  2. I feel the EXACT same way with a lot of shoots coming up, blog work, editing, plus school!
    Buying prints like that is something I've always wanted to do...I love having them in my hands instead of in folders on my computer! :)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement to cherish the life the Lord has blessed us with, Hannah. Definitely something I need to remember, too! Your score thrifty finds are so inspiring...makes me want to go out thrift shopping. ;) Where did you order your prints from? They look so professionally printed. =) I tend to take way too many pictures and not print very many of them at all, so I should print some! ;) Love your photography- so inspiring and encouraging to see a photography blog/website with photos that are beautifully professional and still honoring to the Lord...thank you!! =)

    p.s. btw, I saw you from across the way at lunch one day while helping at Bright Lights conferences in august and then again at turning hearts...i'm so sad that I didn't make a point to come over and say hello! So, next time, Lord willing, okay?! =)


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