family photos GIVEAWAY! : cedar rapids, ia family & children photographer

wow, I'm SO excited to announce this--biggest giveaway I've ever done!
I've had this idea for months now, and have been eagerly waiting to announce it...
a giveaway for free family photos!
 Photographing families is one of my passions--I love the interaction, love,
 and fun a family shoot brings before my lens!
So, I am giving away a free family session and disk of images to one lucky family!! :)
How do you enter?!
 3 easy steps, people:
1) 'like' my facebook page, if you haven't already
2) share my post about the giveaway on facebook
3) comment on the facebook post about this giveaway and say why I should pick you to win! :)
 all the nitty gritty details are:

-winner will receive a 1 hour family session,
online gallery, and disk of edited images

-winner must live within 30 miles of the Amana Colonies, Iowa
[or willing to drive to a meeting spot within that distance]

-one comment per person, however multiple members of the same family can enter

-the winner must schedule their session before August 31, 2013

-BIG side-note: if my facebook page reaches 300 LIKES by this Sunday, a second winner will be chosen to receive a free family session fee + discounted price on disk of images!
so even if you live too far away to enter the giveaway yourself, please help out and still like my page so that TWO families could both win! :)

-giveaway ends Sunday, February 24th, 2013 at midnight CST, and winner(s!) will be chosen and announced Monday the 25th!!

If you don't have any access to a facebook account, but would still like to be entered to win,
 leave a comment on this blog post requesting to be entered and why I should pick you!
head on over and enter the giveaway by clicking HERE!
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  1. Yay! I am so excited, I have been a while waiting for this post!

  2. Okie doke, here's my entry. =)
    Posted about it on my blog over here:
    And I think my fam should win because....we are all (mostly) photogenic! =)
    That's seriously true, but is a lame reason I know. Something better, lets see...maybe cause everyone is growing so fast and we really need the moments w/ ALL OF US HERE captured while we're all still living in one state? (also lame....cause none of us are going anywhere major anytime soon, to my knowledge =))
    Umm...maybe cause we would post the pictures (that you would take of us) on our blog and it would give you fantabulous publicity. =)
    Oh well...anyway, would be quite fun to win! =)

  3. Ok.....of course the obvious reason we should win is because we would be the biggest family you've ever photographed! And of course we'd love to win. so......

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  6. Okay... here goes.
    We would love to be entered into this giveaway... because...well... duh, you're like one of the best photographers! Aaaaand because you make everyone look good in your photos. :D [grin] Seriously! =) Plus, its been waaaaaay to long since we've had a >>clear<< family picture. Okay and here comes a ridiculous "Kaylee" reason.... Because It would be really nice to get our picture taken by a Canon camera.... (I'm against Nikon, their logo is ugly. =)
    I gave you several reasons, so pick which one is your fav. :)
    See you in March!

  7. Sorry about those other two comments, wrong google profile.

  8. Hey Miss Hannah,
    You can credit this comment to Chelsy Bontrager-I found your blog through hers. And I'm soooo glad I did! You have such a gift from God for photography....never take it for granted!!

    It would be wonderful to win the family photo session because it has been two years since my family has had good (you know what I mean :)) family photos taken. I know everyone gives this reason,but it really is true. And it is always nice to have "fresh" pictures on your walls.

    We live in Ottumwa,but for a free photo session we will willingly travel (maybe to Kalona,or somewhere in that area).

    Thanks for doing this giveaway, I hope it goes well for you....even if I don't win! :)
    In Christ,
    Kalean Tanksley

  9. I live too far to enter :(
    However, I just had to comment on your photography.
    Wow! In these photographs you really capture the special joy that only family can bring! Your gift is amazing!

    Best wishes,

  10. Hi Hannah!

    I'd love to enter my family in this giveaway, but I don't have Facebook so I can't go like your stuff and all that (or I surely would!) Anyway, as for reasons; well, I can't think of anything clever like a lot of other commenters on here. ;) But we haven't had family pictures taken for 2 1/2 years, and we have all girls (there's 4 of us). Have you ever done a photoshoot for a family with all girls? That might be a good reason. Haha. Umm, let's see... I really love your work and am an aspiring photog myself, so I'd love to observe you during in a shoot and see how you interact with your clients. Are those enough reasons? Haha, idk, but thanks for hosting this giveaway. I know that some family will be extremely blessed by it!


  11. Thank you so much for hosting this exciting giveaway, Hannah! I'd love to enter, although I'm not sure that I have very creative or unique reasons either. =) Let's see...maybe because it would be nice to have a new family picture taken? Or to give some photos as a gift to our grandparents? Hmm...those are pretty basic reasons. =) Basically I'd just *love* to be able to see how you do a photo session and I absolutely adore your gorgeous photography (especially your family sessions), so it would be awesome to have our photos taken by you. =) One of my brothers suggested that a reason could be "so we could say that we won it. ;) Blessings, Hannah, and thanks again for hosting this!

  12. What an awesome giveaway!(not sure why I put off entering until there were only a couple hours left:)
    Hmmmm....I would love to win because Mom has been wanting some family pictures taken while all of us kids are still at home and Grace and Faith are both still little. Also, because I love your pictures and it would sure beat using self-timer:)

    Thanks so much for this oppurtunity!!!!!

  13. Why do I think you should pick us? First of all because we haven't had our pictures taken(self-timer doesn't count) since before Rachel was born. Thats 8 years ago! Besides I'm sure it would be loads of fun to have you take our pictures!!!



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