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Recently I was talking to a friend about blogging, and she reminded me about the 'photo-an-hour' blog posts people do..and I thought hey--I could do that! :)

so, here is a picture from [almost] every hour yesterday...I only missed one!
I got up late [we're on spring break this week], so the first one was taken after 9 am, and the last one after 11 pm.
It was a fun project..and I didn't feel under much 'pressure', because I was just taking a quick picture once every hour and enjoyed it.
 photo MarchDay-1.jpg
 nice bed-head and messy face, Ocho..
 photo MarchDay-2.jpg
 sometimes it would be nice to just wear sweatpants and fuzzy socks all day.
 photo MarchDay-3.jpg
 we go through pb+j sandwiches like they're going out of style or something.
seriously, I'm convinced I could make one in my sleep by now.
 photo MarchDay-4.jpg
 crockpot potato soup.
epic, people.
 photo MarchDay-5.jpg
 last week I ordered a bunch of new packaging stuff for my business--woot!
orange foldover elastic was the first item to arrive!!
I'll do a full blog post later this spring on my happy new packaging, so get excited for that. :)
 photo MarchDay-6.jpg
 photo MarchDay-7.jpg
 do you see that--green, green!
hallelujah--miracles do still happen and spring is coming.
 photo MarchDay-8.jpg
 photo MarchDay-9.jpg
 photo MarchDay-10.jpg
 sorry for any of you who prefer the BBC pride & prejudice to the new version.
I think you are somewhat biased on whatever version you see first, and since I saw this one first Ilove it way better than the old one.
 photo MarchDay-11.jpg
"Otto show me a mad face.."
Don't we all wish we looked like this when we were mad..
 photo MarchDay-12.jpg
 photo MarchDay-13.jpg
 photo MarchDay-14.jpg
and a few more Otto photos for good measure..
 photo MarchDay-17.jpg
 photo MarchDay-18.jpg
 photo MarchDay-15.jpg
 photo MarchDay-16.jpg
 goodness, this boy.
 photo MarchDay-19.jpg
 photo MarchDay-20.jpg
 photo MarchDay-21.jpg
 photo MarchDay-22.jpg
 photo MarchDay-23.jpg
thank you to everyone for the feedback and interest in a vlog!
I'm going to compile the questions that were asked, and also other common ones I have gotten in the past and hopefully will get the vlog made and up here on the blog sometime soon.
If anyone has more questions feel free to comment on this post with them, or shoot me an e-mail [hannah@hannaheliseblog.com] and I will do my best to answer them!
have a great weekend!
~H. Elise
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  1. Loved this! From the looks of it, it looks like Otto makes up your entire day :P Or maybe he's just a camera hog :)

  2. Have you ever watched the A&E version of P &P? That is my favorite one! I cannot stand the BBC one. A&E version you can almost read along with the book!
    XOXO, Anna Rose

  3. Oh! we are watching Pride & Prejudice right now! haha

    that's all i have to say. :)

    p.s. i really love this idea!


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