february : instagrams!

well, I had planned to do a different post today, but due to some issues with photobucket I'm just posting this instagram roundup!
if you looked at my blog yesterday, you probably wondered why a bunch of my pictures were missing...something about bandwidth and web stuff that I don't completely understand. :P
but, praise the Lord--I think everything is back to normal and I can post more soon!
I was proud of myself for culling down to only TWELVE favorite instagrams from February...
and I'm so glad March is officially here..yayyy!
March promises spring...although its weird to think Easter and St. Patrick's Day are both in this month.
I'm sorry, but Easter should always be in April, just my opinion. :)
1. adorable notecards my lovely Ana friend gave me. find them here! [and buy them] :)
2. I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll ever get over Anne + Gilbert...sweetest couple ever.
3. this stuff is like really good--go to Target right now and buy some, you'll thank me later.
4. me with my Illinois friends from last weekend..so much fun! you can read about some of our awkward + awesome moments here.
5. last week some dear friends express-mailed me a cupcake. I was blown away--who knew you could do that?!
6. mpix.com sells square prints, and so I ordered a bunch of instagrams and put them up in my piano studio. :)
7. world's best banana bread, people--secret? sour cream.
8. "for it is God who gives you the ability..." good reminder. | deut. 8
9. my Dad always gets flowers for my Mom and I on Valentine's day--most of mine are still blooming!
10. beautiful ombre pillow a friend gave me for my birthday
11. okay, so I have this thing with whipped cream...it has to be really good if I'm gonna get it on my shake or frappe...soo lately I just always ask for no whipped cream.
some people think I'm weird and others agree with me. :P
12. my girrrrls! loved, loved hanging out with these two ladies Summer + Lauren.
can't wait to blog the pictures I took of them soon--once photobucket lets me, haha!
have a wonderful weekend, friends!
~H. Elise
p.s. Jamie Delaine has a fabulous new blog+website, AND a giveaway!
Go check it out here. :)
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  1. Yay, I enjoyed looking at some of your highlights of February. Or at least, the highlights in terms of Instagram photos. :)

  2. February looks as if it was a fantastic month for you!! :)

  3. I think I may have said this before but I love these posts:)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Aww such a great post Hannah :) That ombre pillow is so adorable and yeah, I totally agree with you that Easter should always be in April ;)


  5. So fun to see your instagram re-cap posts, Hannah! =) So looking forward to seeing the portraits you took of Summer and Lauren! Sounds like you had a super memorable trip. =) Mmm...and that chocolate shake thing looks scrumptious. =) Blessings, Hannah! <3

  6. So many happy memories!!! Miss you girl!!! <3


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