Lauren + Summer : sisters | chicago, IL portrait photographer

oh wow, I don't know where to start this post.
I could say these girls are just plain awesome and leave it at that, but that sounds lame! :)
I had a fabulous, epic weekend with them...SO much fun.

I feel like I've known Lauren forever, but I really only met her and spent 4 days with her at the internship last summer...and she was actually the last fellow intern I saw when I left the Gaylord Texan.
Since we only live about 4 hours apart, we've been talking about getting together for awhile now.
Our first idea was to meet somewhere halfway and spend the day shopping and doing pictures...
and then we couldn't find a good meet-up spot, so we scratched that idea and I went to visit them
 for a weekend instead!
There's some people in life that you hit it off with right away, and goodness these girls are deeefinetly some of those people. :)
We were totally on the same page on practically everything--we read the same blogs, are instagram junkies, seen the same pins on pinterest, all have been homeschooled, and all prefer the new pride & prejudice to the old version [<--this was the 'official' similarity that sealed our friendship] and seriously the list could go on and on.
The car ride that first night I was almost out of breath from talking so much--haha!
We had so many awesome and hilarious moments that weekend...good, good times.
Hope you enjoy my favorite frames I took of them, and they give you a better idea of how fun
these sisters are to be around!

Lauren & Summer, thanks for being real and amazingly beautiful...I love you guys and can't wait to see you again...like, very soon. :)
 photo douglas-1.jpg  photo douglas-2.jpg  photo douglas-3.jpg
 photo douglas-5.jpg  photo douglas-6.jpg  photo douglas-7.jpg
 photo douglas-8.jpg
 photo douglas-9.jpg
 photo douglas-10.jpg
 photo douglas-11.jpg  photo douglas-12.jpg  photo douglas-13.jpg  photo douglas-15.jpg  photo douglas-14.jpg  photo douglas-16.jpg  photo douglas-17.jpg  photo douglas-18.jpg  photo douglas-19.jpg  photo douglas-20.jpg  photo douglas-21.jpg  photo douglas-22.jpg  photo douglas-23.jpg  photo douglas-24.jpg  photo douglas-25.jpg  photo douglas-28.jpg
 photo douglas-27.jpg
 photo douglas-26.jpg  photo douglas-29.jpg  photo douglas-30.jpg  photo douglas-31.jpg  photo douglas-32.jpg  photo douglas-33.jpg  photo douglas-34.jpg  photo douglas-35.jpg  photo douglas-36.jpg  photo douglas-37.jpg  photo douglas-38.jpg  photo douglas-39.jpg  photo douglas-40.jpg
 photo douglas-41.jpg
 photo douglas-43.jpg
 photo douglas-42.jpg  photo douglas-44.jpg  photo douglas-45.jpg
 photo douglas-46.jpg
 photo douglas-47.jpg
 photo douglas-48.jpg  photo douglas-49.jpg  photo douglas-50.jpg  photo douglas-52.jpg  photo douglas-53.jpg  photo douglas-54.jpg  photo douglas-56.jpg  photo douglas-55.jpg  photo douglas-57.jpg  photo douglas-58.jpg  photo douglas-59.jpg  photo douglas-60.jpg  photo douglas-61.jpg  photo douglas-62.jpg  photo douglas-63.jpg
 photo douglas-64.jpg
~H. Elise
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  1. I could faint from these photographs. They are simply lovely. I couldn't choose a favorite cause that would be like impossible!!!

  2. Love these Hannah! And all three of you are so pretty!!!

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  4. Hooooooly cow! Where do I start?!? These are sooooo good Hannah and bring back so many fun memories ;) How is it possible that these were taken already over a week ago? You captured us each so well with a whimsical winter feel! That snow you sprinkled in my hair that later started melting and dripping down my face.......TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! ;D lol Lauren looks so pretty in the ones wearing your beret and I love love LOVE the ones of me with my polaroid x) You are awesome Hannah and everything you wrote was so wonderful too! Love you girrrl <3

    p.s. yeah I accidentally commented all this as Lauren earlier :} sorry


  5. So beautiful! This post has so much epicness, it's not even funny.

  6. Ah, those kind of friends that you just click with right away are so special. You girls are all gorgeous and sounds like you had an absolute blast together.



  7. Great photos! Such beautiful girls! Looks like you guys had a great time:)

  8. ok so there are three things i love
    1) their beautiful smiles!
    2) their style - so awesome!
    3) their hair. serious hair envy going on over here. ;)
    these photos are GORGEOUS Hannah! Love them all!

  9. Love these! Their fashion style makes me want to mix things up...I feel boring haha

  10. I was super excited to see that these were posted! =) Love how you captured these, Hannah! Gorgeous winter scenes/locations, beautiful smiles, their fabulous style...sooo much loveliness! How could I pick a favorite?! :) Blessings! <3

  11. Beautiful pictures, Hannah!

  12. Oh wow, those girls' hair is AMAZING! And their outfits are too cute :)
    Great jog on the photos, Hannah! :)


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