things to woot about : smoothies and vlog?

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 happy Friday, everyone!
welcome to a new installment of 'things to woot about'!

Aside from the fact that we have been getting dumped on with snow, the thought of spring and seeing green grass [gasp] is way exciting.
[also, is it sad to think of 40 degrees as a heat wave? because I currently do...]
a dear friend gave me this awesome necklace she got for my birthday while she was in Africa earlier this year--
how cool and colorful?!
I absolutely love it.
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 and here I am wearing it!
my awesome friend Lauren took this picture of me, and she did my hair...
because there was no way I could get my hair to curl that well on my own, people.
she's preeettty talented.
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 while I was in Illinois a couple weeks ago I picked up this dress at Target for....eep, $20.
It was on sale, so its somewhat of a score thrifty, but I just hate spending more than $15-20 on clothes.
yeah, I'm cheap. :P
thrift stores, garage sales and sale racks are my kind of shopping.
however, I really love how colorful and simple it is...even has pockets on the front!
[which I didn't get a picture of, sorry!]
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just the other day I updated my web portfolio...woot woot!!
took me awhile, but I'm so glad to have that done.
go check it out here!
tea is totally woot-worthy.
 photo IMG_9550.jpg
 especially orange tea.
 photo IMG_9551.jpg
 a friend told me this mug looked like something Cruella Deville would drink out of..haha!
so naturally, I feel quite evil when I drink out of it...just kidding. :P
 photo IMG_9549.jpg
 photo IMG_9560.jpg
 I recently started back up taking piano lessons...I stopped when I graduated 2 years ago,
and I'm really enjoying it.
so good to have motivation and a reason to push myself.
 photo IMG_9566.jpg
around here there's an awesome local cafe that makes these incredible strawberry rhubarb smoothies:
 photo IMG_9577.jpg
and they've been closed for the whole month of February...
how I survived this long without one, I have no idea.
However, yesterday I got one.
so, so good.
while I live quite aways from a Starbucks/Caribou, there are some small town perks,
and these smoothies are one of them! ;)
I feel bad that I haven't been as consistent with blogging lately--when things are slower I get focused on other things and haven't kept this blog as updated as I would like!
But, I have a couple fun posts coming next week, and want to push myself to blog more during the week even if I don't feel like it. :)
one fun blog project I've thought about for awhile is to do a vlog [video blog] since my camera can shoot video....
sooo, I want to know if you [as blog readers] would want to see something like that,
and if so, what questions or things are you curious about that you'd like me to answer?
[i.e. how I got into photography, why I'm obsessed with orange, etc.] :)
If I get enough feedback or interest in a vlog I'll start working on one
 to be posted sometime later this spring!
anyone have exciting weekend plans?!
enjoy it!
~H. Elise
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  1. Yay, for the new Target dress! Target is one of those places that you can "justify" your purchases...I may or may not be speaking from experience. :P

    Love the updated portfolio!

  2. Oh my word. Orange spice tea is my absolute favorite!!! I love your oufit too :) Cobalt blue and orange look so good together!

  3. Who did you end up starting lessons back up with, your old teacher or someone else?

  4. I LOVE the picture of you in the snow, your hair is GORGEOUS!

  5. That smoothie looks soooo yummy!! I love the picture of you in the snow. So pretty!!! :) I think doing a vlog would be awesome, and even though I don't have a specific question, it would definitely be along the lines of photography. :)

  6. Love the picture of you! You looks absolutely lovely with your curled hair:) Would definitely love for you to do a vlog! My questions would be Do you plan to make your photography your professional and permanent job? Do you like to travel and where would you love to go (in the states and abroad?)

  7. That smoothie looks SO good!! The picture of you is really good, and your hair looks really neat! I think the vlog idea is cool! :)

  8. I just thought of a question! What does the stamp on your picture header that says: Sep. 24, 7:23 pm, stand for?

  9. Uh yes, do a vlog! :) That would be way fun.

  10. I have the same question as Tashia. What DOES that stamp stand for????

  11. Hey Hannah! I was so glad to come across your blog! It's been a really long time since we've seen each other, hasn't it? lol. I see you're still the only girl. ;)
    I totally agree with you on that spring stuff! 40 degrees is just great, I think. You're doing a super job with your camera, too; keep clickin' !

  12. Such a fun post, Hannah! =) Even your everyday pictures are ah-mazing, girl! Love that picture that Lauren took of you in the snow and that smoothie looks, um, simply scrumptious! =) Sooo excited to see you this weekend, Lord willing! =) Blessings!

  13. Great post, Hannah! I have been enjoying your blog so much ever since I found it! Seeing you on a vlog would be great :)


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