May : instagrams!

wow, May is already gone and summer is here!
here's a little instagram roundup of my favorites from May. :)
I'm totally obsessed with this hat. Totally.
A friend gave it to me as a gift and there's something extra special about receiving
something made by hand instead of a machine.
check out their awesome etsy shop HERE.
 photo instagram-may-15.jpg
this last weekend I played 'Mom' to these five.
we took two trips to the playground, and survived with [basically] no injuries/tears.
can I get a high five?
 photo instagram-may-25.jpg
some new pretties..
 photo instagram-may-24.jpg
Otto came in with Mom one morning to wake me up and I love this shot of him.
his smile + laugh is the best.
 photo instagram-may-23.jpg
Okay, so if you've seen/read "Little Women" you'll understand
why this license plate totally cracked me up.
obviously the Hummel family isn't so poor anymore...
 photo instagram-may-22.jpg
It looks like I'm barely anywhere in this book based on the length,
but I was actually several hundred pages in.
What am I reading?
 photo instagram-may-21.jpg
The Count of Monte Cristo.
so good. so, so good.
yes, it as a [very] long book but you can't beat good, classic literature.
 photo instagram-may-9.jpg
I'm obsessed with packaging, if you weren't already aware..haha.
 photo instagram-may-17.jpg
this kid loses more baby-ness everyday.
too bad neverland doesn't exist. :(
 photo instagram-may-18.jpg
tulips. such pretty flowers.
 photo instagram-may-10.jpg
the little-est of the littles:
Otto. Anton. Reiner.
 photo instagram-may-14.jpg
Sunday style.
 photo instagram-may-13.jpg
talk about a gorgeous sunset.
"the heavens declare the glory of God..."
[no instagram filter used on this shot, by the way]
 photo instagram-may-12.jpg
in May I got to accompany for about 20 students at a solo festival,
and I took this one day while at the school practicing with the kids.
[notice my lovely name sticker] :P
overall it went great--aside from below story:
my phone was having horrible reception where I was at in the school,
so I stepped outside where a bunch of kids were out for PE.
so I'm standing near some other kids and doing stuff on my phone
and the gym teacher comes over to me all stern and said,
"I'll hold it for you,"
[as in, give me your phone]
I had to explain that I wasn't a student [hello!] and was just there playing piano.
haha, made for a good laugh anyways.
 photo instagram-may-11.jpg
going to lots of graduation parties in May is always fun.. :)
 photo instagram-may-20.jpg
strawberry-rhubarb smoothies.
I've already bragged about how good these are so I won't go into more detail. :P
 photo instagram-may-26.jpg
this tree is on a little hill nearby...how gorgeous?!
I'm totally photographing a couple or family there..sometime this year.
 photo instagram-may-8.jpg
someone in front of us at Panera ordered a hot chocolate with an
extra lid of whipped cream.
umm, no comment. :P
 photo instagram-may-6.jpg
last year a friend gave me a monthly calendar where I got to switch out a new
page for each month, and loved having it in my piano studio..
so, since it was on sale and came with a gorgeous box I purchased this
one from Rifle Paper Co.
go drool over their products...talk about pretty!
 photo instagram-may-5.jpg
Mom and I went to city-wide garage sales in a nearby town,
and this one house had their garage set up as a restaurant.
talk about legit.
 photo instagram-may-4.jpg
vintage seed-packet stamps...♥
 photo instagram-may-3.jpg
so, when I was a kid and we lived in northern Iowa all the kids in the neighborhood
did May Day baskets...and then when we moved down here 7ish years ago
nobody in our neighborhood really did them..so we stopped.
this year though we exchanged some with another family and I tell ya,
I don't care how old you are, getting may day baskets are totally awesome regardless of age. :)
 photo instagram-may-1.jpg
I became one of those "grab-the-$5-bargain-by-the-checkout" people at Kohl's one day,
and no I didn't regret it. :)
how awesome are these dr. seuss cards?!
 photo instagram-may-2.jpg
what were your May highlights?
~H. Elise
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  1. Enjoyed looking at and reading your May recap. Pretty much stellar!

  2. Ohh your baby brother is so cute!!! Plus most of your brothers look just alike:) My highlight for this May would be hands down going to the Dominican Republic with my family! Loved all the pics.

  3. Ah, why did you link to the website shop for the calendar? It's going to be hard not to visit their website WITHOUT buying something. And Dr. Seuss...umm, why have I never seen these before anywhere!

  4. I love looking at all of these pictures and reading the little stories behind them! :)

  5. Love those wrapped packages...and I totally get the Little Women reference too :)

  6. Haha, I think it's hilarious (and sad) that the gym teacher doesn't know the students well enough to know if you were one or not!


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