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So excited to share these pictures of my sweet friend Alisa!
This shoot was very neat and different from a typical one I do...
Alisa's grandparents live in Pella, IA which is a small dutch townand she has grown up
going there often spending time with family and around the town.
Pella is known for all the tulips they have in bloom each spring,
and when I say tulips I mean tulips everywhere.
It was gorgeous.
So we planned a date to go up at the end of April and do her pictures,
but with the crazy spring and cold weather they weren't even in bloom yet!
We waited and thankfully found a Saturday two weeks later to go up there and spend the day.
Besides taking pictures all over, we also went to the bakery, an awesome coffee shop,
spent lots of time talking, and walking all over town.
Honestly my feet were killing me by the end of the day but it was a fun time! :)
We ended the night at her grandparents' farm and did a few more photos there
and then devoured homemade biscuits and this amazing chicken/gravy/vegetable concoction
that her Grandma made from scratch.
so good.
sorry to make your mouth water. :)
oh, and we had cheesecake for dessert.
no big deal.
I've known Alisa since we moved down here almost 8 years ago...
first met her when she was a little 9 year old and it has been
fun to see her grow up and I loved getting to take her senior pictures!
I will always have fond memories of our annual 'present-wrapping-get-together'
in December, and doing many piano duets over the years.
She is super sweet and caring--love you, Alisa!
Thanks for also being a fellow 'shorty' like me...us 5 feet girls have to stick together. :)
enjoy my favorites!
 photo IMG_1680.jpg  photo IMG_1714.jpg  photo IMG_1700.jpg  photo IMG_1913.jpg  photo 6.jpg  photo IMG_1922.jpg  photo IMG_1925.jpg
 photo 7.jpg
this was by far the windiest day I've ever shot on,
but we pushed through and it made for some fun windblown hair shots!
 photo IMG_1928.jpg  photo IMG_1948.jpg  photo IMG_1943.jpg  photo IMG_1955.jpg  photo IMG_1998.jpg  photo IMG_1973.jpg  photo IMG_2063.jpg  photo IMG_2068.jpg  photo IMG_2048.jpg  photo IMG_2072.jpg  photo IMG_2104.jpg  photo IMG_2110.jpg  photo IMG_2152.jpg  photo IMG_2154.jpg
 photo 5.jpg
 photo IMG_2024.jpg  photo IMG_2188.jpg  photo IMG_2195.jpg  photo IMG_2219.jpg  photo IMG_2232.jpg  photo IMG_2268.jpg  photo IMG_2269.jpg  photo IMG_2304.jpg  photo IMG_2335.jpg  photo IMG_2343.jpg  photo IMG_2393.jpg
helllloo cool tulips.
 photo IMG_2396.jpg  photo IMG_2422.jpg  photo IMG_2506.jpg  photo IMG_2511.jpg  photo 4.jpg  photo IMG_2570.jpg
these next few are some of my favorites.
 photo IMG_2574.jpg  photo IMG_2581.jpg  photo 3.jpg  photo IMG_2586.jpg  photo IMG_2596.jpg  photo IMG_2615.jpg  photo IMG_2598.jpg
the rest of these were shot at her grandparents' farm--
it was still windy but the lighting and green grass was gorgeous.
one of my favorite combinations.
 photo IMG_2650.jpg  photo 2.jpg  photo IMG_2670.jpg  photo IMG_2679.jpg  photo IMG_2688.jpg  photo IMG_2684.jpg  photo IMG_2708.jpg  photo 1.jpg  photo IMG_2731.jpg  photo IMG_2758.jpg
~H. Elise
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  1. I love how bright and colorful these are! So gorgeous! :)

  2. beautiful! my favs are def the ones w/ the red hat & violin...super fun!

  3. So pretty Hannah! The last ones are my favorites.

  4. these are beautiful! i love the ones with a red hat best.

  5. So colorful! Love Lovel all the pretty tulips (they're my Fav.) My favorite picture is the first one with the violin and fourth one. Love your poses.

  6. Love, love, the shot with the beret and violin...ah-mazing! Dude, the bakery in Pella is EPIC. Best. Bakery. Ever.

  7. so so pretty! beautiful job Hannah! :)

  8. Love the variety of the locations, outfits, flowers...ah, these are lovely! Especially love the 1st and 3rd of the pictures with her violin. :) Blessings!!

  9. Ummm....so she looks exactly like a girl I just met in Iowa... Same name, She and I went to something called Jumpstart together at Faith Baptist Bible College. Any clue if it is the same girl?

    1. Anna Rose,

      yes it is!! she did go to Jumpstart last week as well. :) small world!

    2. Soo cool! I love small worlds! I threw a Frisbee around with her! I love your work! So beautiful, you captured her perfectly.

    3. Yes I love small worlds too! Haha..thanks for the kind words-praise the Lord!


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