portraits of Toby, Gina + Aoife : iowa city, ia family & children photographer

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 sometimes I get to photograph a session where everything totally seems to fall into place,
and between the lighting, fun outfits, sweet people, and locations, this was one of those sessions!
Gina had e-mailed me about pictures and said,
 "we would love, love, love to be able to do this on a mild, sunny spring day
when the flowers are in bloom.."
and although it was slightly more hot than mild when we took these, ;)
 it was definitely a gorgeous day!
I had briefly met Gina before we did her pictures, but I so enjoyed getting
to know her, Toby & Aoife [pronounced ee-faa] better while I photographed them..
Aoife was hands down the best baby I've ever photographed.
Smiled the whole session--talk about a dream!
I asked them if they had ever done family pictures before,
and Gina said no, and that she hadn't really even done them growing up,
and Toby replied, "aside from Sears? umm, no." :P
Regardless, they were totally natural and relaxed, and just enjoyed each other and their baby.
Whenever I'm photographing families, the more they can interact on their own thrills me,
and it really shows in these frames.
So excited to blog these. :)
 photo IMG_2820.jpg  photo IMG_2829.jpg  photo IMG_2832.jpg  photo IMG_2879.jpg  photo IMG_2919.jpg  photo 3.jpg
 photo IMG_2921.jpg
see what I mean about happy?!
 photo 2.jpg
 photo IMG_2951.jpg  photo IMG_2968.jpg  photo IMG_2973.jpg
this was when Aoife literally just stared at me for 10 seconds.
I'll take it. :P
 photo IMG_2984.jpg  photo 1.jpg  photo IMG_2997.jpg  photo IMG_2999.jpg  photo IMG_3006.jpg  photo 6.jpg  photo IMG_3044.jpg  photo IMG_3043.jpg  photo IMG_3057.jpg  photo IMG_3059.jpg  photo IMG_3060.jpg  photo IMG_3064.jpg  photo IMG_3070.jpg  photo IMG_3071.jpg
 photo IMG_3098.jpg
 photo IMG_3099.jpg  photo IMG_3107.jpg  photo IMG_3108.jpg  photo IMG_3110.jpg  photo IMG_3113.jpg  photo 5.jpg  photo IMG_3117.jpg  photo IMG_3133.jpg  photo IMG_3140.jpg  photo 4.jpg  photo IMG_3196.jpg
 photo IMG_3197.jpg
no posing...Aoife, you rock girl.
I think I'll hire you to show all the other babies I photograph how to behave. :)
 photo IMG_3205.jpg
 photo IMG_3207.jpg  photo IMG_3210.jpg  photo IMG_3226.jpg  photo IMG_3240.jpg  photo IMG_3282.jpg  photo IMG_3295.jpg  photo 8.jpg  photo IMG_3304.jpg  photo IMG_3313.jpg  photo IMG_3328.jpg  photo IMG_3331.jpg  photo IMG_3337.jpg  photo IMG_3346.jpg  photo IMG_3353.jpg  photo IMG_3358.jpg  photo 7.jpg  photo IMG_3362.jpg  photo IMG_3377.jpg  photo IMG_3379.jpg  photo IMG_3402.jpg  photo IMG_3415.jpg  photo IMG_3421.jpg  photo IMG_3428.jpg  photo IMG_3433.jpg
funny sidenote, I went to look at this location hours before their shoot
 and saw this baby robin in the bush, and it was still there in the evening.
 photo IMG_3440.jpg  photo IMG_3502.jpg  photo IMG_3505.jpg  photo IMG_3506.jpg  photo IMG_3513.jpg  photo IMG_3491.jpg  photo IMG_3462.jpg  photo IMG_3488.jpg
~H. Elise
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  1. Sheesh, girl! These are INCREDIBLE! I love everything about this shoot! So gorgeous!

  2. awww... these are sweet! good job!

  3. These pictures are absolutely wonderful. Talk about a darling baby! And the last picture? Well, it melted my heart



  4. Annnddd...yet another amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, stunning photo session by the awesome Hannah! :) I adore these pictures, girl! The colors are so crisp and vibrant + what a sweet 'lil family! Ah, some of my very favorites of your pictures. Hope you are having a blessed, wonderful Friday, Hannah!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love that last photo! :)

  6. Too many precious photos to pick ONE favorite. So far this is my favorite session of the year!

  7. What can I say?
    You get to photograph Mr. Thornton. So..maybe that means I'll get to do Mr. Darcy? =)
    hehe. =)
    I love...amazing baby! what a trooper!

  8. Oh my. LOVE these! What a dream baby!! Love your locations too... just fantastic!


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