Giveaway Winner!

Wow, I was totally blown away and blessed by all the entries on my giveaway--thank you so much!
Truly, so many things to love about fall...a few favorites I pulled from your comments:

+crisp air
+leggings/leg warmers
+fluffy mocs
+being home
+holidays approaching
+slouchy hats
+everything related to apples and pumpkins 
[warm drinks, recipes, going to the orchard/pumpkin patch, etc]
+hot chocolate

And speaking of blog comments, I know for me personally that I don't always get to comment on all the blogs I read...
but it seriously makes my day whenever I get a comment on any blog post I do.
realize that it never gets old and totally makes my day all the time!!
So thank you all for the continued encouragement throughout this entire blog journey,
I am truly blessed over and over by your sweet comments and e-mails.

If I had unlimited time/resources I would love to send a prize to each one of you that entered, 
but, unfortunately I had to just pick one winner. :(
Using random.org, I am excited to announce that the person who won the giveaway is...

Alaina G!
[insert burst of confetti]

Alaina, if you can please e-mail hannah@hannaheliseblog.com with your mailing address
I will package up your cute prizes and ship it out to you!!

I just got back from a busy, happy and encouraging week doing Bright Lights conferences in MN,
and while there I got to do some photos at a rock quarry for the lovely Chels.
Excited to redesign her blog using these pictures in the near future!
Just a couple favorites for now.
 photo IMG_9811.jpg  photo IMG_9720.jpg photo IMG_9949.jpg
 photo IMG_9963.jpg
~H. Elise
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  1. Congrats to the winner! Beautiful pictures, Hannah!! The first is my favorite!

  2. Eek!! Wowzers, Hannah! I'm so blessed to have a friend like you to do this for me. =) Sorry for all my non-photogenic moments-its rough being a photographer and trying to pull off a natural looking pose. =) thanks for all your patience w/ me! was such fun-I shall never forget scampering all over those rock piles while you and Alli stood below predicting my imminent fall/death.
    Newspaper headlines you two were invisioning: "girl of an age old enough to know better climbs a rock quarry in five inch heels and falls and dies. friends below claimed they warned her but she was too stubborn for her own good."
    =) lol.
    I'm still alive, aren't I? =)
    love you..last week with you and everyone else was {SO} wonderful! Yay for the "Totes Hilar MN conference week"! =)

    1. I'm blessed to have you as a fun friend to photograph, Chels!!
      I still can't believe we survived that shoot with all the near-death experiences..worth it, though. :P
      it was a 'totes hilar' week for sure! love you & all the other peeps. ;)

    2. Now that would make an interesting newspaper! 5 inch heels? Hmmm... "Stiletto Times" would be the name.

  3. Wow Hannah, those are GORGEOUS photos! absolutely love the first one! :)

  4. Congratulations to Alaina!
    Oh my goodness! The soft, hazy light and your models in these photos are gorgeous!
    Hannah, thank you so much for your sweet email over the weekend! It made my day!


  5. how fun to take pictures of Chels and Alli! I love those girls... and Congratulations to Alaina. :):) yay!


  6. Ah, these pictures of Chels are so gorgeous! Such a beautiful, fun location, too. =) And the lighting in the first one is seriously so dreamy. <3 Excited to see the rest and so glad that you all had a fabulous, encouraging week of BL conferences!

    1. P.S. Oh, and excited to see the new blog design project - pretty sure it's going to be ah-mazing. =) Blessings, Hannah!

  7. Love-Love-LOVE those pics of Chelsy and Allison! Those girls are totally gorgeous! Love them so much! I think I like the second pic the best!! Chelsy, I LOVED your comment! Glad you are still alive! :D Congrats to the winner. ~Mary

  8. congratulations to the winner!!!!!!

    Chelsey is so gorgeous!

  9. I never win these things :) Congrats to Alaina though! ♥

    p.s. Hannah- you should do a mini photography contest on here. Just an idea ^.^

    1. aww, sorry Hannah! :(

      that's a neat idea...maybe I can do that in the future at some point!


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