a break : personal

One of my new year's resolutions for 2013 was to take a 1 week fast from social media, 
and so starting tomorrow I'll be doing that.
#pointofnoreturn :P 
I'll have a couple posts scheduled (including a score thrifty!), so this here bloggity blog won't be totally 'dry',
but I won't be doing anything on Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram, or reading blogs until December 8.
So, if anyone notices my absence, don't freak out..haha. :)

However, I will be keeping up with e-mails so feel free to contact me through that, if needed! :)
I know it will be good for me to step out of the virtual 'current' of social networking 
and get caught up on things like:
letter writing, prep for December happenings, packaging for clients, home stuff, etc. etc.
Lots going on over the next month here..so excited!

I was grateful to do pictures for this extended family back in October.
Some traveled in from Minnesota, and another part of Iowa to make it happen,
and I loved their outfit colors and style!!
 photo IMG_3099-Edit.jpg  photo IMG_3130.jpg
This Grandma was totally sweet--at the end of our shoot she comes over to me and goes,
"I want to give you a hug because I think you just did super."
 photo IMG_3136.jpg  photo IMG_3167.jpg  photo IMG_3187.jpg
 photo IMG_3210.jpg
^Anna [far left] with her family...
she is one of my piano students I've had since I first started teaching about 4 years ago!
Love her.
 photo IMG_3225.jpg  photo IMG_3249.jpg  photo IMG_3261.jpg
~H. Elise
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  1. HANNAH. Seriously, girl. These are absolutely STUNNING. And have an awesome break:) Blessings!

  2. Love the pictures! Hope you have a good break! :) ~Tashia

  3. Hi Hannah!

    I'm sad to hear about your break since I love your posts so much but I'm happy that you get some time off. :) I've tried a media break too and it was hard but it's good to take some time off[I spend too much time on the computer :)].

    That's such a beautiful location! Where was it at? You just get better and better at your photography skills in every new post. :)


  4. What can I say? You again rocked this session! Love it! Also, you go girl with your break from media--you can do it :)!

  5. Yay you..glad you are taking time for a break. You will enjoy it, I know!
    Lovely pictures too..the orange pop in there is great. =)
    love ya.


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