Score Thrifty : heels + spiderman

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Welcome to this month's score thrifty!
By the title of this post you're probably thinking heels?! spiderman?! what!
Yeah, me too.
I basically never wear heels--or buy them, but maybe the times are changing.
More on that later. :)

Last week I did some post-thanksgiving shopping with my Mom and brother, 
and while it was fun I only found a few things and spent less than $20.
The next morning, however, we hit up goodwill and it was amazing!
Who needs the mall when they have all kinds of amazing steals there?
So therefore most of the items in this post are from that goodwill shopping-spree..I was in heaven.

This colorful print headband is from a place called Ragstock--$2.50.
 photo IMG_4832.jpg  photo IMG_4834.jpg
I was totally thrilled to find the 31 bags zippered pouch at Plato's Closet for 3 bucks, 
because it perfectly matches my curling iron case I bought from my friend Jordan awhile back!
[she's a 31 bags consultant]
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 photo IMG_4839.jpg
Long story short, I thought about looking for some brown heels to go along with a formal outfit I have,
and lo and behold I actually found some right away at Stuff for $9!
 photo IMG_4841.jpg
I just love these type of jars...kinda wish there was a lid but it still is cool.
 photo IMG_4846.jpg
I couldn't pass up these black vintage-looking heels at goodwill..$4.38 and my size!
Plus I did wear them for a concert the other day and actually felt, umm..tall. :)
That never happens.
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Orange vase--$2.38
 photo IMG_4860.jpg
Dusty pink fur wrap--$1.38.
 photo IMG_4867.jpg
This belt literally fell off the rack while I was looking through it--ha!
 photo IMG_4873.jpg
Cars swim shirt for Otto--$1.38
 photo IMG_4883.jpg
J. Jill lavender skirt...I had heard about this company before so I was thrilled to find one of their products!
 photo IMG_4885.jpg
Also, $3.38--a Gap denim skirt.
Because you can never have enough jean skirts, am I right?!
 photo IMG_4891.jpg
It sounds a little ridiculous, but this was probably the item I was most excited about--
Spiderman winter boots for Otto!
Total answer to prayer..I was literally praying I would find boots for him and then saw these, 
and they were even Spiderman.
Such a win.
 photo IMG_4900.jpg
I am in love with this bowl.
 photo IMG_4896.jpg
I bought it for my Mom, and I love how Roman/Egyptian/Ancient it looks, if that makes any sense.
Simply beautiful.
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There ya have it!
Did you have any Black Friday scores?

~H. Elise
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  1. Amen, about never not having enough jean skirts[lol]! :) I love skirts. I really like your orange vase,headband, and belt! You find such cute stuff for such good deals. :)

  2. LOVE those oxford heels! very trendy/adorable. Good job Hannah.

  3. Love seeing your score thrifty posts - you are pretty much the queen of finding awesome thrifty treasures, girl! =) My favorites of your things are the (epic) orange vase, denim skirt, and both adorable pairs of shoes. My mom and I stopped by a thrift store on Saturday and I was happy to find a black maxi skirt for $4 (something I've recently been looking for) and a wider woven black belt for $3. And I also found some things on the clearance racks at kohl's with a "kohl's cash" coupon thing - a deep cranberry tiered skirt and a wintery blue dress are two of my favorites. #yayforclearanceracks All right - have a blessed day, Hannah friend!

    1. wow those sound awesome!! epic finds, Elizabeth! :)

  4. okay so...those black vintage heels are like exactly like the heels I was telling you about the other day...the ones that I wanted SOO bad but they were too big. of all things, too big? seriously. I was so bummed!
    love your deals. =) can't wait to see you in the brown heels at the formal next week. =) hurray!

  5. Yeah!!!! Awesome- it is indeed the ordinary little things that count. I love how God cares about the small things!!


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