November instagrams!

N o v e m b e r .

A good, relaxing month.
Once I got home from all my October travels, for the first time in forever I felt calm.
Which continued the whole month--and part of that is due to the fact that I set boundaries for myself
and stopped shooting right at the beginning of November.
I haven't touched my camera in weeks until just the other day and have felt, honestly, sane.

I think back to a year ago right now and how I was still shooting up through Thanksgiving weekend,
totally overwhelmed by print orders/mountains of editing/etc., and in tears because I was so stressed 
with trying to keep up with everything.

Well, I learned from that (the hard way) and this year fall have felt so much more free and relaxed.
It can be hard to say no to things, but believe me (having been on both sides of it now) it is so worth it.

Chels and I celebrated the end of Boho Blogtober with a Jane Austen movie night--super fun!
I still can't believe we blogged every weekday for an entire month.
Yay us for completing the challenge!
 photo IMG_20131101_102643.jpg 
I'm just going to accept the fact that my handwriting will never be this cool..
 photo IMG_20131107_141914.jpg 
For the first time in November I had a week where all my piano lessons happened at the normal times!!!
Unless you are a piano teacher, you won't really understand the satisfaction of this, folks.
Seriously. Monumental.
With about 20 students and all the various family's schedules/my calendar/sickness/vacation/weather/etc.
I always said that would be the day when this actually happened.
Pretty exciting. :P
 photo IMG_20131107_195946.jpg 
Soooo Otto's latest favorite thing to do is come in my room and dress up in all my accessories.
 photo IMG_20131112_085839.jpg 
man, I love fall...and major boo that it is gone!
I could do it all over again in a heartbeat.
 photo IMG_20131115_151526.jpg 
My friend Amanda and I...love her!!
 photo IMG_20131105_171239.jpg 
Definitely a happy mail day whenever I get letters.
And a huge shout-out to the anonymous blog reader for the super sweet gift of the lens hood + note!
Totally blessed me and was so thoughtful!!
 photo IMG_20131104_144504.jpg 
I found this at TJ Maxx recently...goodness, that store is so dangerous.
The sale section! The cool items in each corner!
It was an "Aaron-golden-calf-moment"...I walked in the store and this scarf holder came out. ;)
 photo IMG_20131120_170619.jpg 
sending out some winter-y mail. :)
 photo IMG_20131125_160125.jpg 
The other day I had this hilarious thought..what if Anne of Green Gables had twitter?!
"Gilbert Blythe is at it again.. #calledmecarrots #needanewslate"
"Peddler stopped by. #noravenblack #greenhair #whattodo #snipsnip"
"Played Lady of Chalot today.. #almostdrowned #boatsunk 
thanks @gilbertblythe for trying to help. #fishingforlaketrout"

oh Anne..those movies never grow old.
so good.
 photo IMG_20131127_220539.jpg 
Grandma had 6 cans of olives for a get-together recently..GONE!
What can I say--we're an olive loving family. :)
 photo IMG_20131123_123515.jpg 
How adorable is this card and chocolate a friend sent me?!
 photo IMG_20131123_092326.jpg 
If they didn't have the fur, I would have bought them...they were exactly my size!
Thankfully I had my friend Tia along to restrain me. :)
With the fur it just makes them too Lorax/Dr. Suess-ish.
 photo IMG_20131113_141510.jpg 
Hung out with some of my "client babies" recently--talk about cute children!
I'm holding Aoife, Arlo is next to me (his family's pictures coming soon!) and June is on the floor.
 photo IMG_20131122_103721.jpg 
A package I mailed out last week got some extra bling! 
These last 2 photos are from my photography account--@hannahelisephotography,
which I have been posting on a lot lately so follow along for much more behind-the-scenes!
 photo IMG_20131129_122937.jpg
What were your November highlights?!

~H. Elise
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  1. Ahhh...Anne with a twitter? Crazy! Thanks for sharing these pics!

  2. that scarf holder? genius. might just need two or three to handle all of my scarves. hehe. and I spy my little card...:)

  3. I really like your black boots in the second to last picture. Where did you get them from? I love the pictures from Anne Shirley. I'm sure if she had twitter It'd be pretty entertaining to see what she said. :) I loved this post, Hannah. :) You look so stunning in all of your pictures! :)

    1. thanks Haley! I like them too-from Kohl's last year. :)

    2. I love Kohl's. ;D Where do you buy most of your clothes? You dress so stylish.

    3. A huge mix of stores! Probably the top ones are kohls, goodwill, thrift stores, some items from target, etc, friends that give me clothes..a variety! :)

  4. I think i need 5-7 of those scarf holders...

  5. All right, here are some random comments on your lovely pictures:) {Love} the pictures of you & Chels and you & Amanda - all such beautifully encouraging people that I'm blessed to call my friends! Those Anne twitter ideas are fabulously hilarious. :) And love your new packaging! You have such a gift of giving gifts. Wow, that sounds like a tongue twister or something. ;) Blessings, Hannah!

  6. Haha,love Gilbert...partly cause he has my name,but you know he's kinda cute!

  7. All the lessons at their normal times. Yes. I feel ya. :)

  8. What a neat scarf holder you got.:) I love the "What if Anne of Green Gables had twitter".:) Too funny! I love Anne of Green Gables.:)


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