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I'll never forget the first time I met Heather.

I was driving through a nearby town, shortly after meeting Marci, and I saw a mom walking while wearing her baby in a carrier.
I thought it was Marci so I stopped, rolled down the window and yelled hi!
Heather responded smilingly with something like, "I'm not Marci, but I'm on my way to Marci's house!" :)
I smiled back and said it was nice to meet her, and then drove off.

Later in the spring I saw her again when I did pictures for her daughter, Sina along with Lucy.
The thing I just love about Heather is how FULL of life she is.
Always laughing and smiling--anytime I see her! So fun to be around.

It was a true joy to photograph her and Gary and their beautiful kids!
Sophie, Atticus, Sina, and Arlo.
I just love creative names like these.

Hope you can feel the love and joy oozing from these frames like I can.
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Heather, you are simply gorgeous.
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had to throw this frame in here!
Marci and Heather are best friends and we ran into her while walking to another location. :)
 photo Hess-29.jpg  photo Hess-31.jpg  photo Hess-32.jpg  photo Hess-33.jpg  photo Hess-34.jpg  photo Hess-35.jpg  photo Hess-36.jpg  photo Hess-37.jpg  photo Hess-38.jpg  photo Hess-39.jpg  photo Hess-40.jpg  photo Hess-41.jpg
 photo Hess-42.jpg
 photo Hess-43.jpg
 photo Hess-45.jpg  photo Hess-46.jpg  photo Hess-47.jpg
~H. Elise
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  1. aw... adorable kiddos! loving the name Atticus :)
    p.s. you really rock fam sessions! #needtodragyouovertotexas

  2. Love these. Super adorable family!:)
    Lovely shots Hannah.

  3. Okay, I am seriously running out of creative ideas to write comments - every. single. one. of your sessions is seriously stunning. This is one of my favorites of all sessions I've ever seen - every single image's focus is right on, love the colors, authenticity, everything = perfection. Wow, girl, you totally blew me away with this gorgeous work. <3 And talk about cutest, most creative outfit coordination EVER. Your clients must be catching on that your fav color is orange. ;) I shall stop rambling, but just had to say that is session is amazing. The end.

  4. These are such beautiful pictures,Hannah! :) You amaze me every time I see all your new photos from your latest photo shoots. You're so good at capturing their personalities, good lighting,etc.You did a really wonderful job on this photo shoot.

  5. Ahh!! so lovely! seriously...do you know if she did that hairstyle on herself?!?! super cool! esp love the pics of her and her little boy matching! love that light too. you are amazing.


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