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oh my, I am so thrilled to blog these.

My first memory of Missy is from when I was probably 8 or 9 and we were down visiting my grandparents...
we were still living in northern Iowa at the time but since we were there over the weekend we visited at a church, 
and my brother and I went to children's church that morning.
I remember there being a girl in the room named Missy...
and I thought it was a cool name and never forgot it.

Several years after this, we ended up moving down to this area and started going to that church and at this time Missy was 9 and I was 12, so it feels weirdly cool to have done senior pictures for someone that I've seen grow up since 4th grade!
Makes me feel "old," in a way. :)

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you may remember Missy from these posts a few years ago: here, here.
I just love how laid back and fun she is...and also her quiet attention to details--
whether it is her outfit accessories, cake decorating, artwork, etc.

She called me earlier this summer about doing her senior pictures, 
and when she said she wanted some photos in a field during golden hour, I knew it was going to be good. 
We also got to incorporate her Dad's vintage truck in some shots (talk about epic!), which I loved.

I'm so blessed to know you, Missy.
Thanks for the fun memories over the years (like the times quoting Adventures in Odyssey lines when we were 'little' :)
...you are a joy to be around.

Oh, and thanks for rockin' the 96 degrees, blazing hot day..
I don't think I've ever sweat or drank that much water at a session before...so worth it, though.
enjoy my favorites of this gorgeous girl!
 photo 1.jpg  photo Missy-2.jpg  photo 2.jpg  photo Missy-11.jpg  photo Missy-13.jpg  photo Missy-14.jpg  photo Missy-17.jpg  photo 3.jpg  photo Missy-23.jpg  photo Missy-25.jpg  photo 4.jpg  photo Missy-30.jpg  photo Missy-35.jpg  photo Missy-31.jpg  photo Missy-34.jpg  photo Missy-36.jpg  photo Missy-37.jpg  photo Missy-38.jpg  photo Missy-40.jpg  photo Missy-42.jpg  photo Missy-43.jpg  photo Missy-45.jpg  photo 5.jpg  photo Missy-46.jpg  photo Missy-49.jpg  photo Missy-50.jpg  photo Missy-52.jpg  photo 6.jpg  photo Missy-57.jpg  photo Missy-58.jpg  photo Missy-59.jpg  photo Missy-63.jpg  photo Missy-64.jpg  photo 7.jpg  photo Missy-67.jpg  photo Missy-68.jpg  photo 8.jpg  photo Missy-72.jpg  photo Missy-75.jpg  photo Missy-78.jpg  photo Missy-79.jpg  photo Missy-80.jpg  photo 9.jpg  photo Missy-82.jpg  photo Missy-86.jpg
corn-fed Iowa girl? 
you know it. :P
 photo Missy-88.jpg
happy Tuesday!
~H. Elise
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  1. ahh love all of these so much Hannah! Your work is getting better and better every session you post!

  2. wow, girl! these are incredible! exactly what Madeline said! :)

  3. ooh. i love these. epic golden hour shots!! those are my fav. awesome job hannah!

  4. IN LOVEEEEEE WITH THESE!!! Your work is so amazing!!! I love the lighting in all of them!!!

  5. Wow!!! Those pictures are absolutely AMAZING!! You are such a great photographer.

  6. These are beautiful!! Great job, Hannah!

  7. Love. Love. Love these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are doing So good at photography!!! Go girl! :) I love Missy's hair! It is gorgeous! She looks like she would be a fun girl. Thanks for posting! -Mary Ebersole

  8. Epic!!! Love these. The lighting, the location, and the subject were amazingly beautiful. These senior pictures make me want to move to Iowa next year for my senior portraits;) Love love these!

  9. I LOVE these pictures!! Missy is beautiful! :) The mix of cowboy boots and an old rusty truck is so cool! Is the truck Missy's? You did a great job, Hannah!

    1. thanks so much, Kyra! the truck was her Dad's. :)

    2. Thanks, Hannah! :) I didn't see the part where you mentioned that. Talk about a blonde moment! (I am blonde!) :)

  10. You're such a good photographer! :) I love the pictures of Missy! She is very beautiful,I love her clothes! What kind of camera do you use? Do you recommend Canon?

    Liked this post!

    1. thanks Haley!! I use a Canon 5d mark ii, and a 50 mm 1.4 lens when I shot these. :) I definitely recommend Canon, but there tons of amazing Nikon shooters out there who do amazing work as well! :)

  11. Love these, Hannah! The ones in the field and with the truck are my favorites!

  12. Thanks for your advice. :) I'm definitely going to get a nicer camera once I save up enough money. :)

  13. Hi Hannah,
    These pictures are AMAZING!! I love them. She is stunning! Beautiful pictures, great job. :)
    Keep up the AMAZING work,

  14. She is beautiful!! Love her cowboy boots. Awesome pictures, Hannah.


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