October : instagrams!

October...my craziest month of the year and yet filled with so many fun memories!
I remember on October 1st thinking that if I made it to November and was still breathing, that would be miraculous.
Well, I'm still alive and am grateful for the Lord's grace throughout all the hectic days!

I got a card from a friend yesterday and she had written a quote inside that read,
"Do not ask for a lighter load, rather ask for a STRONG back."
So often we want a "simpler/easier" life, and what we really need is God's strength for the load we already have.

hope you enjoy my October insta-round-up! 
most of these are from my personal account, but remember you can follow along with my photography one:

Otto, in Orange, in October.
 photo IMG_20131022_133228.jpg 
for the first time ever, I got help with a Bright Lights conference the same time as Amanda!
 photo IMG_20131012_001417.jpg 
the guilty conscience punks sisters
 photo IMG_20131009_141959.jpg 
It was a huge blessing to see so many girls from past conferences at the MN ones.
I got to have lunch with Hope and her Mom/baby sister one day..
she was in my small group 2 years ago and we have been writing letters, but I loved reconnecting in person!
She was one of many past small group girls and leaders I had met before--such a joy to see them all again!
One girl, Molly, was in my first ever small group I led when I was a little 16 year old..haven't seen her in 4 years!
 photo IMG_20131009_140854.jpg 
A large group of us hit up some thrift stores on our 'off day'...so awesome!
St. Cloud had some pretty ritzy thrift shops, I tell ya.
p.s. thank you to the random store worker for taking this photo and creatively getting the fringe at the top. :P
 photo IMG_20131010_100207.jpg 
I also got to do pictures of Chels on our off day [and threw Allison my phone for this photo]..
we were feeling a bit daring at the rock quarry. :)
 photo IMG_20131010_230253.jpg 
The conferences were very encouraging, as always..it always amazes me to see God's hand at work!
this photo is from one of our leader's sharing times...so rich.
I always try and take notes, because I feel like I get the 'cream of the crop' 
from everyone sharing different things that are on their heart.
 photo IMG_20131013_170830.jpg 
the MN roadtrip.
#enoughsaid :)
 photo IMG_20131019_210805.jpg 
Grandma's that spontaneously bring you a meal and include a can of olives totally make my day. 
 photo IMG_20131020_172219.jpg 
I have had my eye on these legwarmers since last year, and finally bought them--yay!
super comfy and beautiful.
go get your own!
 photo IMG_20131015_134016.jpg 
I was waiting to meet a client, and while parked saw this in my rearview mirror.
It's amazing the things you notice when you take time to stop.
 photo IMG_20131025_162740.jpg 
piano students that wear a camera shirt to their lesson [just for you] are totally instagram-worthy. :)
 photo IMG_20131029_193028.jpg 
Last week the fall colors were at their peak and I just couldn't.get.enough.
these pictures, nor any I could take with my 'real' camera do it justice.
 photo IMG_20131031_103908.jpg 
 photo IMG_20131031_104616.jpg 
Otto in flannel pj's in our cozy attic..
 photo IMG_20131027_204311.jpg 
new favorite skirt, my favorite boots.
 photo IMG_20131027_123748.jpg 
 photo IMG_20131029_135051.jpg 
I did some school pictures for my little brothers last weekend, and this is a favorite of Otto..
 photo IMG_4068.jpg
I also had Mom take a couple pictures of me and him..love this kid!
 photo IMG_4345.jpg
hope you all have an awesome fall weekend!

~H. Elise
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  1. These are too cute, Hannah! You look amazing in makeup!

  2. #olivesandlegwarmers...perf

  3. it's such a small world! Hope has taken sewing classes from me and her little brother is in the class I help out in at a homeschool coop! That's crazy that you know them too! :)

  4. You look so beautiful in those pictures! :) I agree with Anonymous, you look amazing in make up[and just as pretty without! :)]. I love looking at your pictures. Your hair is such a pretty color.

  5. I love Instagram posts! :) beautiful pictures, Hannah!

  6. Love your Ig recap posts! Otto equals adorableness! I'm going to have to check out those legwarmers!

  7. such memories. =) lovely post. esp love that last pic of you + the brother.
    -your fellow "punk" =)


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