portraits of Naomi : senior 2014 | iowa city, ia senior & portrait photographer

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Similar to Missy, I've seen Naomi grow up since she was little when we first moved down here!
I love how easy going she is, and her sweet heart and fun personality is beautiful to see.
It also has been such a joy to have her and her sisters involved in my Bright Lights group over the last few years!

I had a fun time doing her senior photos back at the beginning of September...
we started shooting and then it began raining..aah!
So I was praying we wouldn't get rained out, and thankfully it stopped and we got to finish everything...
the sun even came out a bit towards the end.
Not gonna lie, I love golden hour, but I'm pretty partial to shooting on overcast days...
I just feel like I have so much more freedom with not having to worry about harsh sunlight or shadows,
and I can go wherever I want.

All that said, enjoy my favorites--I really love how spring-ish these look..in September! :)
Congratulations on your senior year, Naomi!!
 photo IMG_5188.jpg  photo IMG_5193.jpg  photo IMG_5203.jpg  photo IMG_5211.jpg  photo IMG_5228.jpg  photo IMG_5343.jpg  photo IMG_5380.jpg  photo IMG_5384.jpg  photo IMG_5428.jpg  photo IMG_5436.jpg  photo IMG_5465.jpg  photo IMG_5470.jpg  photo IMG_5475.jpg  photo IMG_5496.jpg  photo IMG_5531.jpg  photo IMG_5549.jpg  photo IMG_5603.jpg  photo IMG_5604.jpg
 photo IMG_5613.jpg
 photo IMG_5618.jpg
I've shot at this barn many times before, and usually I don't like to 'over-use' a location, 
but somehow this one never gets old to me. 
The front lighting and dark background is just amazing.
I should do a roundup sometime of all my favorite photos I've taken at this spot.
 photo IMG_5634.jpg  photo IMG_5639.jpg
 photo IMG_5649.jpg  photo IMG_5661.jpg  photo IMG_5663.jpg  photo IMG_5686.jpg  photo IMG_5724.jpg  photo IMG_5732.jpg  photo IMG_5733.jpg
~H. Elise
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