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Sorry for the un-intentional blogging break!
Too much happening around here lately, and thus blogging got pushed to the wayside.
Why is the week before Christmas always so crazy?!
Oh yeah...because you're trying to fit everything in before Christmas. #hello :)
I'm looking forward to the quiet winter days of chilling here, 
when I can catch up on things like e-mail (remember the day my inbox hit zero? yep, that is no longer) :P,
 organizing my life, doing blog posts, etc, etc.

I really am thrilled to share these images today--this extended family session was one of my last 
I shot of the year, and everyone was adorable and had such awesome style.
Last fall I photographed the King family, and I was so happy when Haley contacted me
 about doing pictures for them, her sister's families, and parents.
Talk about perfect timing..the leaves were at their peak when these images were taken!
I wish I could re-live that week...such glorious colors.
 photo Simpson-2.jpg  photo Simpson-3.jpg  photo Simpson-5.jpg
 photo Simpson-10.jpg
 photo Simpson-6.jpg  photo Simpson-7.jpg  photo Simpson-8.jpg  photo Simpson-9.jpg  photo Simpson-11.jpg
 photo Simpson-12.jpg
 photo Simpson-13.jpg  photo Simpson-14.jpg  photo Simpson-15.jpg  photo Simpson-16.jpg
I cannot handle this baby..the cuteness!!
 photo Simpson-17.jpg  photo Simpson-18.jpg  photo Simpson-19.jpg  photo Simpson-20.jpg  photo Simpson-21.jpg  photo Simpson-22.jpg  photo Simpson-23.jpg  photo Simpson-24.jpg  photo Simpson-25.jpg  photo Simpson-26.jpg  photo Simpson-27.jpg
Now that's a lot of grandkids to love on! :)
 photo Simpson-49.jpg photo Simpson-28.jpg  photo Simpson-29.jpg  photo Simpson-30.jpg  photo Simpson-31.jpg  photo Simpson-32.jpg  photo Simpson-33.jpg
This dad was totally sweet with his girls--so precious to watch.
 photo Simpson-34.jpg
A little random back-story:
8 years ago we briefly met this couple who had a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes; her name was Asjah.
This was the first time I had heard that name, and it always stuck with me because it was so unique.
I never saw them again, but then the day before their session I put two and two together,
and realized that this was the same family..and they now have 3 more kids!
Who would have thought I would ever see the girl with the cool name again, and even get to photograph her.
Such a small world.
 photo Simpson-35.jpg  photo Simpson-36.jpg  photo Simpson-37.jpg  photo Simpson-38.jpg
[below] one of my top favorite images I've taken this year.
I just love the security, warmth and simplicity it has.
 photo Simpson-39.jpg  photo Simpson-40.jpg  photo Simpson-41.jpg  photo Simpson-42.jpg
I'm such a sucker for photos of Momma's and their babies..
 photo Simpson-43.jpg  photo Simpson-44.jpg  photo Simpson-45.jpg  photo Simpson-46.jpg
 photo Simpson-48.jpg photo Simpson-47.jpg
~H. Elise
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  1. Wow these are so beautiful!! perfect moments, the lighting is perfect!! What kind of Lens did you us for these?

  2. I love these! The lighting is gorgeous!! Awesome job, Hannah!

  3. As usual, these are epic and oh-so-gorgeous. LOVE! So much orange happiness again, too. :) Love your photography style, Hannah friend and hope you have a blessed December!

  4. These are some of my favorites of yours Hannah! So so good! The baby is SO cute! And I love how you got to photograph the grandparents as well.



  5. Wow Hannah!! My favorite is the fourth from the last.

  6. Hannah these are beautiful! I especially love the ones of of the dad and his little girls.

  7. Love the 1st one with the parents, amazing natural frame. :) Beautiful job.

  8. These pictures are so beautiful! :) The girls are so beautiful and I love the picture with the dog. This has to be one of my favorite photo sessions you've done, the lighting, the trees, the happiness,etc. What camera did you use?

    1. thanks Haley! I always shoot with my canon 5d mark ii! :)


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