life lately.

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Sorry for the lack of posting--honestly as I have been waiting out the remnants of winter,
I just haven't felt as inclined to blog.

Last week I got my wisdom teeth out--glad to have that over with and be recovered!
I'm trying to gear up for a hectic April/May, and I should enjoy these last few days of 'calm' before the craziness.
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I guess after this long winter I just want to move on..to be shooting again, relishing spring [my favorite season!] 
and go to all the fun things about to happen in the coming weeks.
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Which kind of relates to these pictures.
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Much as I wish they were of blooming flowers and happy green grass, they're not.
Because spring is still coming.
The snow has melted but the grass is brown and ugly.
and the only green I see is from the pines..all the other trees are still bare.
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And sometimes in life we are in the same place--itching for the next thing to get here,
and we don't fully live and embrace today.
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Choosing joy in the hallways of life.
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Abraham Lincoln rightly said--People are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
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As a sidenote, I almost can't express how excited I am for this year--
and especially the photo sessions I have lined up.
So insanely excited and humbled by the people I get to photograph.
If you are interested in pictures this spring or summer feel free to e-mail hannah@hannaheliseblog.com.
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there's my Friday ramblings for ya. :)

Now I'm off to eat some hot banana bread!
~H. Elise
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  1. You have some cute brothers :)
    I'm the same. I feel like my life is on hold until it gets warm :P
    But I love what you said "Choosing joy in the hallways of life." So good!

  2. I'm really resonating with "choosing joy in the hallways of life". It's far to easy to get caught up in waiting for life to start and being frustrated that the exciting things aren't happening right now.

  3. I like your thoughts. Thanks for sharing them, Hannah. ;-) I think it's pretty amazing how God can use every little thing to teach us something new or to train our brains to think more like Him...

  4. Hi Hannah,
    I think you should do giveaway. You should give away "Growing Up Duggar" like Chelsy did. I wish you could do one soon. Or another book or notecards...whatever you think of. What do you think?
    Love Ashley

    1. neat idea, Ashley! I am not planning on giving away the Duggar book but I will probably do another giveaway some point later this year, so you can be watching for that!! :)

  5. These are beautiful. I love the angles in your photography - such talent

  6. I love how you said "And sometimes in life we are in the same place--itching for the next thing to get here,
    and we don't fully live and embrace today. Choosing joy in the hallways of life." That's so true for so many of us-especially me. It can be so easy to look forward to other upcoming events and don't even see the blessings God has blessed us with everyday. That was so beautiful written, Hannah. Thanks for the reminder. :) By the way, I love that black and white picture you took of your brother. :)

  7. Look at those little guys! So cute and love all the random pictures. :) I often think of how blessed we are to have the little little siblings during our single years! They add such joy and excitement to the little things in life. #foreverythingthereisaseason #rightwhereyourmeant2b ;]

  8. I love the photo of the little guy in the swing!

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