Selling : Jotote + Cello

I've never done a post like this before, but I am selling my Jototes camera bag!
 photo IMG_5891.jpg
I purchased it in 2011 when I started my business, and used it for awhile and then switched to a Kelly Moore bag, 
and I also now have a Shootsac that I will be shooting with as well this year.
So this cute bag has been just sitting in my room holding random camera gear for too long,
and I would love for someone else to enjoy it!

Style is "Millie," and from what I researched they no longer sell this bag, but it is messenger style, a gorgeous salmon/coral color, and dimensions are 11" wide, 9" high, and the width for the short side inside the bag is 4", but it does stretch more than that. 

Comes with 2 velcro section pads -- I personally only used 1, and things fit best (for me personally) 
to have a camera body with 50mm lens attached, and one other lens inside. 
 photo IMG_5893.jpg  photo IMG_5895.jpg
Small worn spots on both sides, and a few really small, faint spots from use 
here and there that wouldn't wash off, but overall in awesome shape, as you can see from the photos!
 photo IMG_5897.jpg  photo IMG_5899.jpg  photo IMG_5901.jpg
Pricing is $55 for the bag, plus $10 shipping, and I do have paypal.
I am selling this as first-come-first-serve, so if you would like to purchase it, e-mail hannah@hannaheliseblog.com!
 photo IMG_5903.jpg  photo IMG_5906.jpg
And also my brother, who is a musician and lives in Tennessee, is selling his cello, 
and since I was already going to post about my camera bag, I thought I would give this a shoutout as well!

Eastman Cello, Jean-Pierre Lupot Model 501
$2,500 (comes with case) plus shipping & handling
Again, e-mail hannah@hannaheliseblog.com and I will put you in touch 
with him if you are interested!
 photo Cello.jpg
Another quick frame of my photog friend, Jessica--will be blogging more from this shoot next week!
 photo IMG_5377.jpg
Also a reminder that if you didn't already enter the family photos giveaway
you only have until sunday night!

have an awesome weekend!
~H. Elise

*update--Jotote is now sold, but cello is still available!
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