score thrifty : jane eyre + crimson

Welcome to a new, spring-y Score Thrifty!!
So excited to share my latest favorite finds with you guys.
 photo cover.jpg
Bright and cheery red gumball machine..that works, people!!
$3.50, via goodwill.
 photo IMG_7262.jpg
Best .45 cents of my life was spent on this at Salvation Army..I'm obsessed.
 photo IMG_7266.jpg
Belt on the left was $1.50 at goodwill..still deciding if it is actually cool or looks weird, haha.
Anyone else buy things that they think are awesome and then you think, 
what in the world will I wear this with?! 
Yeah, still trying to determine my feelings about it. :P
Burlap belt on the right was 50 cents! 
 photo IMG_7272.jpg
Oh my word, guys -- I am super obsessed with these blush wedges.
$4.50 at goodwill.
Actually wedges in general are my new favorite thing.
Someday maybe I'll purchase these killer ones from TOMS, so if anyone wants to donate 
to Hannah's Wedges Fund, I'd be thrilled. :)
 photo IMG_7273.jpg
I actually wore these on Sunday with my Easter outfit..which I switched last minute.
I was planning to wear something else, and then last Friday I found this dress at goodwill..
I debated on buying it (didn't even get to try it on) but I did.
Couldn't believe it fit perfectly when I got home, and wasn't too long!
#shortgirlprobs #thestruggle
I love the split sleeves which you can kind of see in the photo.
Headband via world market, vintage necklace from my Grandma.
 photo IMG_20140420_153449.jpg
Recently I walked into Michael's and you know how they have dollar bins?
So dangerous.
Well you want to know what's even more DANGEROUS?!
50% off dollar bin items..right in front of you when you walk in the door.
I got 4 packs of these Mary Englebreit cards--couldn't agree more with this statement.
Know your convictions and don't back down.
 photo IMG_7280.jpg
I also found the perfect-pinterest-party straws in those clearance dollar bins!!
So much win.
 photo IMG_7298.jpg
$1.50 for these stackable, colored bowls!
 photo IMG_7309.jpg
Just as winter is over, I find an adorable, girl's houndstooth tam..go figure, right? :)
50 cents.
 photo IMG_7282.jpg
Even better than thrifting, is people that give you stuff they found thrifting!
My awesome friend Kayla got me this clock..and when you plug it in--it glows orange.
No big deal.
 photo IMG_7303.jpg
And how cute is this orange book?! Thanks so much, Alicia. :)
 photo IMG_7283.jpg
I am swooning over this cake cover..$4.50 at salvation army.
I'd love to know how people can get rid of amazing stuff like this..seriously, so cool.
 photo IMG_7314.jpg
And check out the swirled glass base!! Love it.
 photo IMG_7317.jpg
$2.50 box of random stationary..
 photo IMG_7286.jpg
with the best vintage envelopes I've seen..umm, that back flap?!
 photo IMG_7288.jpg
A week ago I was driving, and saw a garage sale sign...
My car literally swerved. :)

Hands up if you're as stoked for garage sale season as I am!!
50 cents for this gold beauty.
 photo IMG_7292.jpg
Orange cup--$1.50
 photo IMG_7293.jpg
and it was made in Japan!!
 photo IMG_7294.jpg
Old crimson photographs album, with the black paper inside.
Maybe I'll put instagram photos in it.
Or I might print more of my favorite pictures from sessions and stick them in here.
 photo IMG_7291.jpg
Glass dish, with a metal rim..$3.50.
 photo IMG_7305.jpg  photo IMG_7307.jpg
One can never have too many containers to put things in--amen?!
$2.50 red tote.
 photo IMG_7310.jpg
Oh man, this chair..I cannot wait to use it in some of my sessions this year!!
$8 and I found it at goodwill.
Yes, the top is falling apart a little bit..but I don't really mind.
Envisioning a mom and baby curled up in there against a field or landscape.
 photo IMG_7321.jpg
Okay so I saw this vintage wedding dress at Goodwill, and thought 
"well if that doesn't scream Jane Eyre, I don't know what does."
Buuuut it was $20 and I didn't really know what I would do with it, so no purchase was made that day.
However, a friend said she would split the cost with me (okay, I'm cheap)
and so I went back the next day and it was still there.

Yep, still freaking out about it. :)

Whoever wore it had a waist like a wand and it has to be like a size 4 I'm thinking.
Anyways, I'm dreaming up a styled wedding shoot, 
so if a petite, dark-haired bride in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area is reading this, 
and would love to model it -- hit me up!
  photo IMG_20140416_230647.jpg
If you are on instagram, I'd love to see your awesome deals!
Tag me (@hannahelisephotography) and be sure to use the hashtag #scorethrifty!!

Also, I have another idea in the works that goes along with score thrifty posts, 
so if things fall into place with that, I'll be sharing more details in the future about it!
Exciting things ahead, guys. :)

~H. Elise
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  1. fabulous finds, hannah! especially love the striped straws, wedges, cake cover, and the photo album :) thanks for sharing, friend!

  2. awesome post. I'm so blessed that you thought of me and bought me a pack of those cards too! I may or may not use them to bring a point across to guys that I'm righteously mad at. {just kidding}
    I love that ruffled belt-you have my vote of confidence that it IS worth wearing! And your easter outfit...gah-love it!! gorgeous dress!
    and the jane eyre dress...well, I already told you how I feel about that. I can rest in peace now knowing that it is in good hands. Will be praying for that woman with a sophie hutton waist to come along. {hehe}

  3. Oh my goodness Hannah! That's all I can say. I seriously need you to go thrift/garage sale shopping with me! That wedding dress.Total Jane Eyre look.I mean seriously only you would find something like that! : )

  4. Wow Hannah, you have inspired me to do a lot more thrift and garage sale shopping! I don't go often enough to come out with anything I'm super excited about. And I guess I need to shop with better eyes to see the hidden jewels in all the junk.
    I do have that very same gumball machine though, and I'm looking forward to using it as decoration for a party next month.

  5. Now I definitely want to go garage sale ing. So glad you got the book! It was way too you for me to keep.;)


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