using the same photo location.

I love finding new locations...especially urban ones.
Nothing gets me fired up like finding a killer wall or building/architecture that would make a fabulous backdrop. :)

However, as much as I love shooting in new places, sometimes you find a spot that always works,
and while you obviously don't want to shoot every single session there,
if you know it's good then keep using it..but be creative within that spot.

For example, this barn, is golden:
 photo IMG_20140425_115819.jpg
I know it doesn't look particularly amazing, but I started using it years ago.
It faces north, has a super dark background inside, and fabulous front lighting.
[both doors are shut in this photo, but usually one or both are slid open]

Because of the way it is situated, I could shoot a portrait here literally anytime in the day
because the inside is shaded, but always gets good, solid light from the front.

For example...

Tight senior headshot, with just her face and the dark background inside the barn..love the contrast.
 photo Blog-2.jpg
This was shot in September, which actually looks super spring-y.
Again, dark background -- awesome front lighting.
It's amazing how the same location can have such a different feel based on the time of year!
 photo Blog-5.jpg  photo Blog-6.jpg
This is from several years ago -- she's leaning against the barn doors on the right in this photo ^^
and I was shooting alongside the doors.
 photo Blog-1.jpg
Inside the barn there is this ribbed tin, and depending on the time of day and where you're shooting,
that can be in the photo background, which adds a different feel.

This was taken in the morning so the inside with the tin walls was lit up more, 
and I was shooting from a different angle.
 photo Blog-3.jpg
You can see the tin in the background of this photo as well.
Shot in the afternoon, and from a different angle -- but, same barn!
Love that place.
 photo Blog-4.jpg
So all that said, I hope this encourages someone!
At times it can be challenging to create fresh work within a place you've used before.
Remember that time of day, time of year, changing your angle, etc. all have a huge part in this,
so push yourself and see how much you can maximize what you're given as the artist!

~H. Elise
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