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I had such a ball photographing this beautiful family back at the beginning of June.
Spring sessions are the best!!
Everything is so lush, green and blooming with life.

Greta herself is a photographer, but this was their first official 'family session'
where someone else was capturing them..super fun!!
Last fall she had e-mailed me and shared how God had been working in their life and changed their hearts on many things --
one of them being family, and how He had given them four kids (5 and under!),
and that they are excited for more blessings if that's what He has in store for them.
At the end I told them to 'just play' with their kids (Annika, Elin, Andrew & Peter)
which they totally went all out with..and those images glow.
You can just see the joy and love they have for each other radiating!!

Hope you enjoy a lengthy post of my MANY favorites -- and also a shoutout to their grandma for coming along to help 
with this session! Couldn't have done it without her. :)
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We got to photograph all of these in the little town where Greta grew up..so nostalgic.
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Annika totally reminds me of an American Girl doll for some reason..what a beauty.
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With a bunch of littles, it's always a party!! :)
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Seriously -- talk about a perfect little girl face.
 photo IMG_0290.jpg  photo IMG_0291.jpg  photo IMG_0302.jpg  photo IMG_0325-Edit.jpg  photo IMG_0361.jpg  photo IMG_0370.jpg  photo IMG_0391.jpg  photo IMG_0392.jpg  photo IMG_0395.jpg  photo IMG_0405.jpg  photo IMG_0407.jpg  photo IMG_0408.jpg  photo IMG_0418.jpg  photo IMG_0420.jpg  photo IMG_0433.jpg  photo IMG_0437.jpg  photo IMG_0441.jpg  photo IMG_0448.jpg  photo IMG_0461.jpg  photo IMG_0474.jpg  photo IMG_0479.jpg  photo IMG_0484.jpg  photo IMG_0492.jpg  photo IMG_0526.jpg  photo IMG_0531.jpg  photo IMG_0535.jpg  photo IMG_0539.jpg  photo IMG_0564.jpg  photo IMG_0569.jpg  photo IMG_0573.jpg  photo IMG_0580.jpg  photo IMG_0589.jpg  photo IMG_0590.jpg  photo IMG_0593.jpg  photo IMG_0598.jpg  photo IMG_0608.jpg photo IMG_0640.jpg  photo IMG_0655.jpg
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  1. umm... I can kind of tell why you have a lot of favorites here. =D These are the sweetest, Hannah! They really do have that special "joyful parent glow" - such a neat thing!

  2. What a fun session! I love these a lot and even pinned a few!! :)

  3. I love seeing your family sessions and these are exceptionally wonderful! The vibrant colors, outfit choices, beautiful family...love it all :)

  4. Ok, wow. I NEVER cry over images. NEVER. But as I was looking at these, I all of a sudden had tears in my eyes. Their joy in all these, but especially the ones of them just playing is contagious and incredibly beautiful. And that last frame - GAH - perfection...so much love. That frame just embodies married love and the strength it takes to be a spouse and parent. Ok, I'm done gushing. ;) But I am truly loving seeing your style develop and watching you gracefully fall into what you love the most. When I have a family someday, can you be my photographer? ;)

  5. HANNAH!!!! these photos!!! WOWWWWW!!!! hahah but seriously this is my favorite shoot you have ever done, I'm echoing everything Olivia said, except the crying part ;)

  6. Hannah, these are just so precious. Your work tells such a beautiful story... <3

  7. AWW! These are GORGEOUS!!!! Love how untraditional the session looks! Great Job!!!!

  8. Hannah! I gasped. Gorgeous! What a joyful family!!

    <3 Kayla

  9. Such a fun session and a beautiful family. These photos are absolutely stunning.

  10. So genuine, so beautiful, so summery. Love these frames, Hannah, and I'm sure they do, too. <333

  11. HANNAH. I cannot get over these. Some of my most favorite family pictures I've ever seen. You're a pro. :)


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