Workshop Portraits : Chels, Shelby + Danica

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I am super stoked to blog these images from my workshop back in July!!
As part of the day, we did a portrait session shoot with three models --
my dear friend, Chels, and two sisters Shelby + Danica.
They all were amazing, because not only was I photographing them but also the 5 attendees got a turn, 
so for an hour straight they got the paparazzi treatment and ROCKED it!
I'll also be blogging the photos from our family session that day soon, 
so keep checking back and get excited for those. :)
 photo IMG_6303.jpg
Always a joy to photograph this girl..and not only was she modeling for us but she also helped me out
in so many different ways throughout the whole day.
What a gem -- so grateful for her friendship.
 photo IMG_6296.jpg  photo IMG_6294.jpg  photo IMG_6298.jpg  photo IMG_6305.jpg
I met Danica & Shelby's family earlier this year, and when I contacted their mom about the girls modeling for my workshop, 
they instantly agreed!!
So happy it worked out, because seriously how adorable are they?!
 photo IMG_6321.jpg  photo IMG_6322.jpg  photo IMG_6329.jpg photo IMG_6332.jpg  photo IMG_6336.jpg  photo IMG_6340.jpg  photo IMG_6344.jpg
(also, I should mention that I got this peach tunic at 
Goodwill YEARS ago,
and am so glad I finally got to use it!!)
 photo IMG_6342.jpg  photo IMG_6349.jpg
 photo IMG_6357.jpg
 photo IMG_6354.jpg  photo IMG_6359.jpg photo IMG_6362.jpg  photo IMG_6366.jpg  photo IMG_6376.jpg  photo IMG_6381.jpg  photo IMG_6379-2.jpg  photo IMG_6384.jpg  photo IMG_6390.jpg  photo IMG_6394.jpg  photo IMG_6399.jpg  photo IMG_6397.jpg  photo IMG_6409.jpg  photo IMG_6414.jpg  photo IMG_6425.jpg  photo IMG_6427.jpg  photo IMG_6420.jpg  photo IMG_6437.jpg  photo IMG_6438.jpg  photo IMG_6444.jpg  photo IMG_6557.jpg  photo IMG_6559.jpg  photo IMG_6564.jpg  photo IMG_6571.jpg
 photo IMG_6591.jpg
 photo IMG_6590.jpg photo IMG_6578.jpg
woohoo!! and that's a wrap. :)
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happy thursday, guys!!

H. Elise
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  1. Aww, I LOVED seeing these frames, Hannah! Super special to have been able to see you do the posing & everything and now get to see the final images. :) So, so gorgeous + stunning!! As usual, these blew me away. Love!!

  2. So good, Hannah! Loved them! Can you remind me what lens you were using for these? Was it the 50mm? Beautiful work - and glad I know some of the "behind the scenes," too!

  3. Beautiful frames, Hannah! I love seeing your work!! It inspires me! :)

  4. Aww...so sweet. Always weird to see pictures of myself. =) But I always love them when you take them...you make me look way better than I am! =)

  5. Loved this, Hannah! As displayed by these pics, I definitely missed out on some serious fun! Hopefully NEXT time you do a workshop I won't be so busy. ;p #youbetter


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