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Can you guys believe that it is the last day of Boho Blogtober?!
Bittersweet to say that..what an awesome October it has been!
I am really excited to share this senior session today as we wrap things up --
but don't think for a second that the fun blog posts are over. :)
Next week I'll be back sharing my November goals, a recap of this month,
and a Nashville family session!!

This senior was such a delight to photograph..Anna is incredibly gorgeous (as you can see), and SO sweet.
It was so enjoyable to do her pictures back in September and meet the rest of her family -- 
plus her Mom even bought me an ice cream cone while we were shooting. Like what?!

I love how with senior sessions you get to just focus on one person and use so many backdrops
and outfits..and we got to shoot at a new location I found back in January, so fun!
Hope you all enjoy these -- this is definitely one of my favorite shoots from this year. :)
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One of my best dog pictures to date, haha!!
Since when does a dog stick their tongue out that far and close their eyes?!
 photo IMG_2714.jpg  photo IMG_2718.jpg
 photo IMG_2784.jpg
 photo IMG_2781.jpg photo IMG_2790.jpg  photo IMG_2800-2.jpg  photo IMG_2811.jpg photo IMG_2827.jpg
 photo IMG_2818.jpg
 photo IMG_2836.jpg  photo IMG_2843.jpg  photo IMG_2853.jpg  photo IMG_2857.jpg  photo IMG_2873.jpg  photo IMG_2876-2.jpg
I have been dying to shoot at this mustard building all year..so much win.
 photo IMG_2884.jpg  photo IMG_2898.jpg  photo IMG_2900.jpg  photo IMG_2902.jpg  photo IMG_2913.jpg photo IMG_2920.jpg  photo IMG_2923.jpg
 photo IMG_2916.jpg
 photo IMG_2948.jpg  photo IMG_2974.jpg  photo IMG_2979.jpg  photo IMG_2981.jpg  photo IMG_2993.jpg  photo IMG_2996.jpg  photo IMG_2999.jpg  photo IMG_3019.jpg  photo IMG_3026.jpg  photo IMG_3030.jpg
she pretty much killed this pose, yes?!
I am obsessed with how urban these look.
 photo IMG_3053.jpg  photo IMG_3059.jpg  photo IMG_3063.jpg
 photo IMG_3085.jpg
 photo IMG_3072.jpg photo IMG_3087.jpg  photo IMG_3088.jpg  photo IMG_3092.jpg
Before I switched to orange, red was my favorite color for years.
And this dress POPPED against any background we used..love it.
 photo IMG_3106.jpg
 photo IMG_3113.jpg  photo IMG_3120.jpg  photo IMG_3123-2.jpg  photo IMG_3131.jpg  photo IMG_3134.jpg  photo IMG_3148.jpg  photo IMG_3173.jpg  photo IMG_3175.jpg  photo IMG_3178.jpg  photo IMG_3205.jpg  photo IMG_3207.jpg
 photo IMG_3287.jpg
 photo IMG_3233.jpg  photo IMG_3237.jpg
 photo IMG_3252.jpg
 photo IMG_3247.jpg photo IMG_3311.jpg  photo IMG_3322.jpg  photo IMG_3327.jpg  photo IMG_3330.jpg  photo IMG_3332.jpg  photo IMG_3348.jpg  photo IMG_3385.jpg  photo IMG_3402.jpg  photo IMG_3407.jpg
these golden hour ones just make my heart sing..
 photo IMG_3410.jpg  photo IMG_3413.jpg  photo IMG_3433.jpg photo IMG_3440.jpg
 photo IMG_3439.jpg
 photo IMG_3461.jpg
 photo IMG_3454.jpg photo IMG_3467.jpg  photo IMG_3486.jpg  photo IMG_3482.jpg  photo IMG_3493.jpg  photo IMG_3495.jpg
hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

H. Elise
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  1. Hannah! Good grief, sista! These are perfect. Her hair, the outfits, the posing, the locations. Basically everything is just phenomenal. So much love!

  2. Ahh!! These are simply gorgeous, Hannah! I can't possibly pick a favorite! :) The lighting is so pretty in every.single.one. So sad that this is the last day for Boho Blogtober! I've REALLY enjoyed your posts, tips, photography, etc., etc,. :)

  3. absolutely amazing work! every pose, and location work so well! YOU ARE AMAZING!

  4. Those are great!! I love the ones with the dog a lot!!

  5. I can't get over how amazing these photo's are! They're perfect! I love the outfits, poses, hair, the locations, everything!!

  6. dang. that's all i can say.
    you killed it. :)

  7. These are so crazy good, Hannah! And so your branding/style. Way to go on finding such epic urban locations. Wow. And thank you so much for boho blogtober - I realize it must be such a challenge and I'm so thankful!! Blessings, friend!

  8. love Love LOVE these pictures!!!! All of them. So amazing..

  9. Those outfits + those locations + your skills = magic! I am seriously in LOVE with them all!

  10. hannah. oh. my word. these are literally perfecttttt. you killed it, girl.

    also, i just wanted to let you know that anytime i see a photo of yours on pinterest i can tell IMMEDIATELY that it's by you. like "that's a hannah elise photo, i know it!" hahaha :) your style is strong and clear and SO AWESOME.


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