portraits of Samantha : 2015 senior || clear lake, ia senior photographer

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I am thrilled to share this beautiful senior session I did back over Labor Day weekend when I was up in Northern Iowa!!
I have known Samantha and her family for 10+ years, and actually her older sister Pamela and I 
were in the same classes at church when we lived up there.
Crazy to think that was over a decade ago now!

Sam is super gorgeous (as you can see!) with a sweet and joyful spirit that just radiates in her pictures.
Really enjoyed photographing her, and can we talk about serious hair envy?!! :)
When I pulled up to their house to do these, I was instantly surprised
and thrilled to see her sister Pamela walk out to greet me --
she had just gotten married and I haven't talked to her in years.
So fun to have her and their Mom along as we took pictures..you guys know I love shooting in new places 
and Samantha had some awesome spots picked out!
Enjoy my favorites!!

p.s. the morning I drove up to do these, my 35 mm 1.4 lens came in the mail,
literally half an hour before I left.
Talk about epic timing!! So awesome getting to use it right away at a session. :)

 photo IMG_7236.jpg photo IMG_7275.jpg
 photo IMG_7248.jpg
 photo IMG_7295.jpg
 photo IMG_7290.jpg
 photo IMG_7305.jpg
 photo IMG_7311.jpg  photo IMG_7341.jpg
how awesome is this fallen tree?!
 photo IMG_7347.jpg  photo IMG_7391.jpg  photo IMG_7397.jpg  photo IMG_7402.jpg  photo IMG_7406.jpg
Samantha with her mom and Pamela!! love them.
 photo IMG_7419.jpg  photo IMG_7431.jpg  photo IMG_7468.jpg  photo IMG_7506.jpg
seriously, her hair.
 photo IMG_7581.jpg  photo IMG_7616.jpg  photo IMG_7625.jpg  photo IMG_7636.jpg  photo IMG_7639.jpg
 photo IMG_7659.jpg  photo IMG_7688.jpg  photo IMG_7702.jpg  photo IMG_7709.jpg photo IMG_7736.jpg
 photo IMG_7751.jpg  photo IMG_7760.jpg  photo IMG_7768.jpg  photo IMG_7780.jpg  photo IMG_7783.jpg  photo IMG_7794.jpg  photo IMG_7898.jpg  photo IMG_7900.jpg  photo IMG_7905.jpg  photo IMG_7909.jpg  photo IMG_7919.jpg  photo IMG_7923.jpg
at this point I had taken my shoes off too and was in the water shooting..man, that felt amazing!!
 photo IMG_7929.jpg  photo IMG_7952.jpg  photo IMG_7964.jpg  photo IMG_7972.jpg
congratulations on your senior year, Samantha!!

If you are in the Mason City/Clear Lake, IA area and would be interested in me
photographing you the next time I am up there, shoot me an e-mail :
hannah@hannaheliseblog.com and I would love to talk more! :)

H. Elise
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  1. these photos are insanely good Hannah!! :))

  2. Hannah,

    Have you heard of Iowa Regular Baptist Camp? It is on Clear Lake. And Samantha looks just like someone I saw there.

    Just Curious.
    Love the photos!
    Miriam L.

    1. Hi Miriam,

      Most of these were actually shot at IRBC!! Samantha's dad is the camp director, and so you probably did see her there at camp! :)

  3. I think I recognize Pamela when she attended Bright Lights in Mason City. She looks familiar though. :) Great shots, btw!

  4. That makes sense... Cool! Have you ever gone to IRBC for camp, Hannah????
    Miriam L.

  5. These are so great, Hannah, and, yes, her hair is gorgeous! Awesome work, as always. :)


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