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I don't know where you start the blog post about your older brother's wedding.
It was an insanely beautiful day..yes, I cried.
And laughed.
And shot the wedding barefoot.
Photographing this day definitely gave me a deeper heart and appreciation for weddings,
because this was the first one I shot of someone really close to me.
My only older brother, Erich, and as a photographer you know that wedding pictures are significant,
but I realized that in a whole new way because of how much these mean to me.

Because I see my brother in them..the facial expressions he always makes, his heights of joy and depths of emotion.
And getting to document that was really amazing.
Kari is exactly the type of girl I've imagined he would marry..in fact, better.
Absolutely thrilled to have her as my sister!!

I want to give a huge shout out to my best friend, Amanda, for being the best second-shooter ever.
So grateful that she is always there when I need her, and for being a shoulder to cry on.
Could never have shot this wedding without her, and she was the biggest help to me.
Also, a heartfelt thank-you to all who knew I was shooting the wedding and prayed for me --
I definitely felt the prayers and was so grateful for how present God was and made things go smoothly the entire day!!

There is a lot I could say, but I'm going to just let the images share the story..
that morning I prayed that Jesus would help us "genuinely capture the day as You see it, and You make it,"
so hopefully these photos can depict that.
Love these two so much, and it was such an honor + joy to document the day they became one.
 photo Prep-9.jpg  photo Prep-10.jpg  photo Prep-14.jpg  photo Prep-8.jpg  photo Prep-15.jpg
 photo Prep-11.jpg
 photo Prep-16.jpg  photo Prep-17.jpg  photo Prep-18.jpg  photo Prep-19.jpg  photo Prep-20.jpg photo Prep-21.jpg  photo Prep-1.jpg photo Prep-2.jpg  photo Prep-3.jpg  photo Prep-4.jpg
 photo Ceremony-65.jpg
 photo Prep-5.jpg  photo Prep-6.jpg  photo Prep-7.jpg  photo Prep-22.jpg  photo Prep-23.jpg
 photo Prep-13.jpg
 photo Prep-24.jpg  photo Prep-25.jpg
 photo Prep-48.jpg
 photo Prep-27.jpg  photo Prep-28.jpg  photo Prep-29.jpg
 photo Prep-46.jpg
 photo Prep-31.jpg
 photo Prep-30.jpg
 photo Prep-33.jpg  photo Prep-34.jpg
 photo Prep-35.jpg  photo Prep-36.jpg
 photo Prep-37.jpg  photo Prep-38.jpg
 photo Prep-32.jpg
 photo Prep-39.jpg
 photo Prep-42.jpg
 photo Prep-40.jpg  photo Prep-41.jpg photo Prep-43.jpg  photo Prep-44.jpg photo Prep-49.jpg  photo Prep-50.jpg  photo Amanda-1.jpg  photo Prep-52.jpg  photo Prep-53.jpg  photo Prep-54.jpg
 photo Prep-47.jpg
 photo Prep-55.jpg  photo Prep-56.jpg  photo Prep-57.jpg  photo Prep-58.jpg  photo Prep-26.jpg photo Prep-59.jpg
 photo Prep-45.jpg
 photo Portraits-81.jpg  photo Portraits-82.jpg  photo Portraits-83.jpg photo Portraits-85.jpg  photo Portraits-86.jpg
 photo Portraits-84.jpg
 photo Portraits-87.jpg  photo Portraits-88.jpg
Their first look was hands down, one of my top favorite moments of the day.
So precious.
And I'll never forget parking the car and stepping out to see this, below.
 photo Portraits-1.jpg
Him standing there, waiting.
Talk about a movie moment.
 photo Portraits-2.jpg  photo Portraits-3.jpg  photo Portraits-4.jpg  photo Portraits-5.jpg  photo Portraits-6.jpg
 photo Portraits-8.jpg
 photo Portraits-7.jpg
 photo Portraits-9.jpg  photo Portraits-10.jpg  photo Portraits-11.jpg  photo Portraits-12.jpg  photo Portraits-13.jpg  photo Portraits-14.jpg  photo Portraits-15.jpg  photo Portraits-16.jpg  photo Portraits-17.jpg
I'm sorry, but I really don't think they could look any happier!!
 photo Portraits-18.jpg  photo Portraits-19.jpg  photo Portraits-20.jpg  photo Portraits-21.jpg  photo Portraits-22.jpg  photo Portraits-23.jpg  photo Portraits-24.jpg
 photo Portraits-26.jpg
 photo Portraits-25.jpg
 photo Portraits-27.jpg
 photo Portraits-28.jpg
 photo Portraits-29.jpg  photo Portraits-30.jpg  photo Portraits-31.jpg  photo Portraits-32.jpg  photo Portraits-33.jpg  photo Portraits-34.jpg photo Portraits-37.jpg
 photo Portraits-36.jpg
 photo Portraits-35.jpg
 photo Portraits-39.jpg  photo Portraits-40.jpg  photo Portraits-41.jpg
Talk about a gorgeous couple..if you can't tell, I love photographing them. :)
 photo Portraits-42.jpg
 photo Portraits-43.jpg
 photo Portraits-44.jpg  photo Portraits-45.jpg
 photo Portraits-47.jpg
 photo Portraits-46.jpg
Their wedding party was so awesome..talk about fabulous people!!
 photo Portraits-48.jpg  photo Portraits-49.jpg  photo Portraits-50.jpg
and anyone else majorly obsessed with the bridesmaid outfits?!
 photo Portraits-51.jpg  photo Portraits-52.jpg  photo Portraits-53.jpg  photo Portraits-54.jpg  photo Portraits-56.jpg  photo Portraits-57.jpg  photo Portraits-58.jpg
 photo Portraits-74.jpg
 photo Portraits-75.jpg
 photo 1.jpg
 photo 4.jpg
 photo Portraits-59.jpg
 photo 5.jpg
 photo Portraits-60.jpg
 photo 3.jpg
 photo 2.jpg
 photo Portraits-61.jpg photo Portraits-76.jpg  photo Portraits-77.jpg  photo Portraits-78.jpg  photo Portraits-79.jpg  photo Portraits-89.jpg  photo Portraits-90.jpg  photo Portraits-80.jpg  photo Portraits-91.jpg photo Portraits-93.jpg
 photo Portraits-92.jpg
 photo Portraits-94.jpg  photo Portraits-95.jpg  photo Portraits-96.jpg  photo Portraits-97.jpg  photo Portraits-98.jpg  photo Portraits-99.jpg
 photo Portraits-106.jpg  photo Portraits-107.jpg
 photo Portraits-102.jpg
 photo Portraits-109.jpg  photo Portraits-110.jpg
 photo Portraits-108.jpg
 photo Portraits-112.jpg  photo Portraits-113.jpg  photo Portraits-111.jpg
 photo Ceremony-37.jpg
 photo Amanda-4.jpg  photo Portraits-103.jpg  photo Portraits-104.jpg photo Ceremony-2.jpg  photo Ceremony-3.jpg  photo Ceremony-4.jpg  photo Ceremony-5.jpg  photo Amanda-5.jpg
 photo Amanda-6.jpg
 photo Ceremony-6.jpg
 photo Ceremony-7.jpg  photo Ceremony-8.jpg  photo Ceremony-9.jpg  photo Ceremony-10.jpg
 photo Amanda-7.jpg
 photo Ceremony-11.jpg  photo Ceremony-12.jpg  photo Ceremony-13.jpg  photo Ceremony-14.jpg  photo Ceremony-15.jpg  photo Ceremony-16.jpg  photo Ceremony-17.jpg  photo Ceremony-18.jpg  photo Ceremony-19.jpg  photo Ceremony-20.jpg
 photo Ceremony-1.jpg
 photo Ceremony-21.jpg
this image gets me every time.
 photo Ceremony-22.jpg  photo Ceremony-23.jpg  photo Ceremony-24.jpg  photo Ceremony-25.jpg  photo Ceremony-26.jpg  photo Ceremony-27.jpg  photo Ceremony-28.jpg  photo Ceremony-29.jpg  photo Ceremony-30.jpg  photo Ceremony-31.jpg  photo Ceremony-32.jpg  photo Ceremony-33.jpg  photo Ceremony-34.jpg  photo Ceremony-35.jpg  photo Ceremony-36.jpg
anyone recognize this family?!!
 photo Portraits-105.jpg
these are Kari's beautiful nieces, and the one on the left, Karis,
had literally just come home from Haiti A WEEK before the wedding.
Such an answer to prayer!!!
 photo Ceremony-38.jpg  photo Ceremony-66.jpg  photo Amanda-8.jpg photo Ceremony-42.jpg
 photo Amanda-2.jpg
 photo Ceremony-39.jpg  photo Ceremony-40.jpg  photo Ceremony-58.jpg
 photo Ceremony-43.jpg
 photo Ceremony-41.jpg  photo Ceremony-44.jpg photo Ceremony-45.jpg  photo Ceremony-46.jpg  photo Ceremony-47.jpg  photo Ceremony-48.jpg  photo Ceremony-49.jpg  photo Ceremony-50.jpg  photo Ceremony-51.jpg  photo Ceremony-52.jpg  photo Ceremony-53.jpg  photo Ceremony-54.jpg  photo Ceremony-55.jpg  photo Ceremony-56.jpg  photo Ceremony-57.jpg  photo Amanda-3.jpg  photo Ceremony-59.jpg  photo Ceremony-60.jpg photo Ceremony-62.jpg
 photo Ceremony-61.jpg
 photo Ceremony-67.jpg
 photo Leaving-1.jpg
 photo Amanda-9.jpg
 photo Leaving-2.jpg
 photo Portraits-100.jpg
 photo Ceremony-63.jpg
~Hannah Elise

p.s. if you'd like to see their engagement photos + story, click here.
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  15. I felt like I really should come over here and comment too, it seems like the only time I actually comment is when I could possibly get something out of it! :p But I really have been hovering around your blog quite a bit lately.

    I was one of those looking with much anticipation to this post! I mean, wedding photos are always fun to look at, but with these meaning so much to you, I knew they would be extra special! And they are amazing - each one packed with emotion!

  16. I've been to every larger venue in the town and this is one of the best. Most of the negative elements of going to a more popular place are avoided here; the staff was really mature and respectful.

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  20. I was recently here and this is an amazing place for a wedding. I got a little carried away with the open bar at the Banquet Halls. An open bar allows you to like any sort of music, even the most awful. Anyway, for those of you thinking to marry, this is the perfect spot.

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