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Welcome to a new installment of Score Thrifty!!

For anyone new, in these posts I compile some of my latest finds while thrifting, photograph them,
and then share how much I paid for the item, what I'm planning to do with it,
or how I'm using it. :)

Let's start with these necklaces, shall we?!
Okay so awhile back I was at Walmart (#iknowright) with a friend, and she was looking at purses,
and suddenly I spotted a bunch of these bubble necklaces.
I mean, since WHEN does Walmart sell these?!! 
Seriously..talk about stepping up their game.
 photo IMG_5902.jpg
And then recently I noticed they not only had the bubble necklaces, but this style as well.
And then the traumatic indecision follows as you try and determine what color you should get
that will work best with your wardrobe.
Anyways, I obviously didn't get these at goodwill or thrifting, but the deal was too good not to share. :)
 photo IMG_5899.jpg
I found this top in the "dresses" section at a Goodwill in TN recently.
It always cracks me up looking through 'dress' racks and whenever I find shorter ones
my mind always goes to this quote I saw awhile back.
The fun thing about clothing items like this is I just wear them like a tunic or longer shirt,
and pair with colored skinny jeans.
Way more fun!!
Also, I love how this has pockets on the front and flared sleeves.
 photo IMG_5941.jpg
I just wore this outfit last weekend -- obviously I am wearing this top ^^
and then added yellow skinny jeans and boots (both from kohl's) and the coral walmart necklace.
Go bright or go home, right?! :) 
I'm all about color.
 photo IMG_20141004_154156.jpg 
This mint maxi skirt is from goodwill ($3.50) and I kinda freaked out when I found it!!
 photo IMG_5950.jpg
Worn in this outfit below with a striped top, the yellow walmart necklace,
and some leather sandals (not pictured, but you get the idea).
 photo IMG_20140803_131223.jpg
How cute are these vintage Curious George books?!
I got all 3 for $1.
Originally I was going to tear them up to make cards or frame the pages,
but I'm debating now and may just leave them intact.
If you have any ideas for these please comment with them! :)
 photo IMG_5906.jpg
Fisher Price plastic camera -- $2!!
 photo IMG_5907.jpg  photo IMG_5908.jpg
Another copy of Jane Eyre -- 50 cents.
This doesn't even need a description...that book is insane.
 photo IMG_5910.jpg
Gold necklace - $1.
 photo IMG_5912.jpg
These next couple items I basically got for free -- I went to this amazing garage sale last weekend
and the lady checking me out didn't charge me for a few small things, just threw them in there!
That was quite the garage sale, by the way.
The one gal who was running the show commented to the other lady about me:
"She's 21 and she likes antiques. There's hope for America."
Laugh. Out. Loud. :)
 photo IMG_5914.jpg
loving this leather clutch!!
 photo IMG_5916.jpg
does it bother anyone else that they don't make food containers/labels with cool fonts anymore?
exhibit A:
 photo IMG_5927.jpg
I couldn't believe it when I spotted this vintage postale scale.
 photo IMG_5920.jpg
Never seen white hexagon bowls like these before -- 50 cents each.
 photo IMG_5924.jpg
Found this awesome wooden frame with glass inside for 5 bucks last weekend, yay!!
I want to get a really large print for it at some point and maybe hang in my room...
going to take me awhile to decide on an image to go in there though! 
 photo IMG_5979.jpg
Now these next two clothing items were found in the same day, at the same goodwill.
ORANGE for the win!!
 photo IMG_5931.jpg
really loving the vintage brass buttons.
 photo IMG_5934.jpg
Both of these were $4.50. 
Oh happy day!!
 photo IMG_5939.jpg
Recently I was second-shooting a wedding, and I was running ahead of schedule
so when I spotted some garage sale signs I thought:
"I can either drive to the church and sit in the parking lot, or go thrifitng."
#DUH :)
Isn't this blue checkered dress beautiful?
It is handmade, and the 3 pockets on the side add so much character.
Planning to do a shoot with it in the future.
 photo IMG_5948.jpg
Now this (below) I almost cried when I found.
11 packs of unopened, polaroid film...for $8.
 photo IMG_5958.jpg
I still can't belive it.
So when I got home I tried loading some in my camera, and the bummer deal is that on the packages 
it says "use before Jan. 1976" #vintagealert and so the battery thing in the bottom of the film packs is expired.
BUT I'm hoping to get a new pack of film (that will have a new battery), 
and try loading the negatives into it and see if they will shoot.
Because the film itself is perfectly fine, it's just the battery (which powers the polaroid camera)
is toast because it is a million years old.
If anyone has any expertise in this area or advice to share, I'm all ears. :)
And regardless, I majorly dig how colorful the boxes are and will keep them forever.
 photo IMG_5959.jpg
Anyone remember the blush wedges I got in the spring?
Well I found these black ones recently at the very same goodwill!!
Someone is going on a wedges strike or something..and I'm not complaining.
Because I'm not a heels girl, but WEDGES...
wedges are my JAM.
 photo IMG_5964.jpg
Set of 6 small, glass ice cream cups -- $2.
I have 4 larger glass ones of these already, so I really need to have an ice cream party.
Maybe tonight. 
 photo IMG_5968.jpg
And speaking of parties, I had a revelation idea this morning that I need to do
a girl's party all about COLOR.
Everyone can come dressed as colorful as possible,
and all the decorations will be super fun and bright!!
So doing this when my schedule slows down enough to do it.
 photo IMG_5970.jpg
Obsessed with these colored glasses!!!
 photo IMG_5972.jpg
.88 cents each, I can do that. :)
 photo IMG_5974.jpg
Hope you enjoyed this post and have a beautiful weekend!
I know MANY of you guys are fellow thrifters, so does anyone have a recent find to share?!
That's what the comments section is for.. :)

See you back here on Monday!!

H. Elise
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  1. Teach me your ways please! Seriously, I stink at thrift shopping and need to learn!

  2. Hannah, I love all of your amazing finds!

  3. Loved seeing your awesome finds!!!!

  4. HANNAH.
    this post is just seriously awesome. yeah, we need to go thrifting together again...how DO you always find all these stellar deals? Seriously I can't take time to comment over every cool thing because they are all SO COOL buuut...
    and I love that blue checkered dress!! the POCKETS!!!
    and the blue striped tunic!
    and the necklaces! #yaywalmart
    and the selfie photos..love those.
    and last but not least the colored cups and icecream dishes. I will come for your party. And I just might bring "Belle" along, cause I ordered it! (thinking of us!)
    okay...and the "there's hope for america" comment! Totally made my day! HILAR.
    I needed some laughs after this week...got them here tonight. thankyou. you are the best friend EVER for understanding and letting me off for a few days from blogtober. bless your heart.

  5. What are you planning on doing with a lot of your glass things? Are they for your hope chest or mom?

  6. Woah, lots of awesome scores here! Really loving that mint skirt. Really cute! Those hexagon bowls are really cool too. :D

    Recently I found a Levis knee length denim skirt (with pockets in the front and back!) for $6 at Goodwill. I rarely find denim skirts that length in my size, so I snatched that up! Then last week we went to a large neighborhood garage sale where I found a couple cardigans for $2 each and a vase for $.50. My sisters are the ones who found the best deals though, like the extended edition of LOTR for $2 each (they didn't even look like they'd been watched before!) and a bag stuffed with fabric for $5.

  7. I'm constantly amazed at all the great things you find! :) I love your coral necklace, gold necklace, red leather clutch, orange dress, colored cups,etc. I never am very good at finding good deals but once my sister found some boots on sale at Old Navy for under $1. :)

    Btw, I'd love it if you'd check out my blog that I just recently started: http://www.photography4jesus.blogspot.com/
    It's private but I added you onto my blog readers' list so you'll be able to take a look at it if you're interested. :D

    Have a great weekend! :)

  8. The necklaces... yay for friends like you who dig orange as much as I do! #orangerules #justsayin'

  9. Hannah, you score such awesome finds!! #lovetheseposts One of my friends was wearing one of those walmart necklaces this morning - such a fun splash of color. :) I so hope your polaroid film works with a new battery, because that is such an epic find, wow! Have a great rest of the weekend. :)

  10. These are great!! I need to go to a garage sale soon...

  11. I'm here VIA the lovely and awesome blog of Chelsy. Hope you don't mind me commenting :)

    I've started a collection of thrift-ed Fisher-Price toys! Aren't they fun!?

    I have a few things...
    F.P crib Activity Center
    Pull-Along Prop Plane (plastic)
    Pocket Radio - Ten Little Indians (wood)

    I really love coming across the vintage F.P toys. They are such imagination and fun.
    I started my collection to pass on to my own little ones.

    Hmm wonder if the polaroid film works in my vintage Polaroid Land Camera ;) Old-new stock IS a tear worthy find :)

    Love this post!
    As I say....give me Goodwill over the mall!



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